10 Ubersuggest Alternatives For Turbocharging Your SEO Strategy

Ubersuggest Alternatives
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An all-in-one SEO platform is necessary for creating, implementing and monitoring any successful SEO strategy. Ubersuggest is a popular all-in-one SEO toolkit most commonly used for keyword research.

However, its lack of depth and metrics means it’s a good idea to check out Ubersuggest alternatives to see what they might be doing better. 

Before we jump into which Ubersuggest alternatives you should consider, first we’re going to look at what’s made Ubersuggest popular as well as its pros and cons.

Why Choose Ubersuggest? 

Ubersuggest Landing Page Snippet

A freemium platform, many of Ubersuggest’s features are available for free with some limitations. 

Its low-cost subscription and easy to use intuitive dashboard has made it popular with SEO newbies along with bloggers and freelancers. 

Each plan also includes a step by step SEO training course, email support and a bi-weekly coaching session. All of these resources make Ubersuggest an excellent choice if you’d like some additional support and guidance. 

However, while Ubersuggest can be great for getting your site’s SEO strategy started, the lack of technical SEO features and in-depth insights make the tool less than ideal for comprehensive monitoring and improvement. 

If you’ve used the tool already, you’re probably ready to consider some Ubersuggest alternatives. 

Price: An basic entry-level plan is $38/month while a top tier Agency Plan is $130/month. 


  • Check your monthly organic traffic, backlinks and top pages. 
  • Discover keywords that aren’t available on other platforms like Google Keyword Planner. 
  • Access location-based data which is essential for local SEO for businesses. 
  • Word cloud display of keywords makes it easier to identify keywords as opposed to viewing them in a standard grid or list. 
  • Search for keywords on Images, News, Shopping, and YouTube. 


  • Limited results/data for more niche markets. Ubersuggest is best for mainstream industries where there are lots of results. 
  • Not optimized for mobile use and there’s no mobile app, making it only a viable option for desktop use. 
  • No social media tracking.
  • No custom reports. 
  • No brand monitoring. 

10 Ubersuggest Alternatives to Try 

1. SEMrush

SEMrush Sample Dashboard

SEMrush is a powerhouse of an all-in-one SEO toolkit. Trusted by over 5 million users worldwide, it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular and serious SEO platforms available. 

With a focus on SEO, SEMrush goes beyond this to include tools that optimize social media, content, paid ad campaigns and PR.

A very technical tool, some of SEMrush’s stand out features are: 

  • A database of over 20 billion keywords.
  • Traffic analytics tools to uncover any site’s organic traffic and performance. 
  • Side-by-side domain comparisons for effective competitor research.

SEMrush makes it easy to segregate data, add filters and perform topic-based research. All of these results are then easy to export for easy reference later. 

Price: Pro Plans are $99.95/month. A Guru Plan is $199.95/month while a Business Plan is $399.95/month. There are discounts for annual billing.


  • Unique market Explorer tool shows you market interests to help you understand consumer demographics. 
  • Social media tracker shows you which content generates the most engagement. 
  • Brand monitoring tool collects feedback on your brand across social media and the web so you can respond to both positive and negative mentions to improve your brand image. 
  • Comprehensive PPC analysis means you can use SEMrush for PPC ad campaigns. 
  • Access an SEO writing tool that optimizes your content for keywords and improves overall readability. 


  • Data especially Ad spend is often reported to be inaccurate. 
  • Dashboard is highly technical and complex - so requires time to adapt. 
  • Currently impossible to save lists of keywords within the platform - the only option is to export them as an Excel file. 
  • Data is only provided for Google - other search engines are omitted from results. 
  • SEMrush is much more expensive than Ubersuggest and only offers a 7-day free trial. 

Best for: Businesses looking for a comprehensive highly technical SEO platform to help them with both organic search results and PPC campaigns. 

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Landing Page Snippet

Ahrefs is the best Ubersuggest alternative for you if you’re looking for data-driven results with a clear focus on backlink analysis. 

Home to the largest backlink index available, Ahrefs has over 22 trillion backlinks. The platform also has the second most active web crawler following Google. 

Ahrefs also has some of the best competitor analytics around. The Site Explorer feature allows you to view which keywords your competitors are ranking for and which pages bring in the most organic traffic.

It’s also easy to see whether your competitors are doing any paid search advertising and where that traffic is directed to.

A highly complex toolkit, Ahrefs is for SEO experts and businesses with a solid grounding in SEO who are looking to push their site in search results rankings. 

Price: Lite Plans are $99/month for 1 user. Pricing is based on the number of users and projects with a full-blown agency plan costing $999/month. Yearly plans come with discounts. 


  • Set Ahrefs alerts for when yours or your competitors’ rankings change.
  • Use the industry’s most accurate and quickest backlink checker - links are usually indexed within 2-3 days of their creation which is much faster than competing platforms.
  • Unique Content Gap feature shows you which keywords you should be targeting according to your competitors’ performance. 
  • Compare the performance of your rankings on both mobile and desktop to see how mobile-friendly your site is. 
  • Use the Content Explorer tool to discover relevant high-performing content which are receiving social shares to help you uncover potentially popular blog post ideas within your industry. 


  • No on-page SEO optimization tools like other platforms like SEMrush. 
  • Ahrefs has some of the most pricey subscription plans and only offers a week-long trial costing $7. 
  • Keyword metrics are more limited and don’t include competitive density, SERP features, and trend. 
  • No disavow tool. Once you’ve analyzed your backlinks and discovered a few negative links, you’ll have to manually disavow them in Google Search Console’s Disavow Tool.
  • Web traffic stats aren’t as accurate as other platforms like Google Analytics. Reportedly, Ahrefs’ stats are 4-5x lower than reality. 

Best for: Businesses looking for a seriously technical SEO toolkit with a particular focus on building and analyzing backlinks. 

3. Moz

Moz Pro Landing Page Snippet

Moz is another Ubersuggest alternative that’s a good call for someone just getting to grips with the basics of SEO. Unlike other platforms, Moz doesn’t overwhelm users with complicated dashboards and metrics. 

As advanced SEO toolkits go, Moz is pretty good for keeping data streamlined and ensuring that the presentation is intuitive and user-friendly.

Having said that, Moz provides plenty of bang for your buck when it comes to analyzing your own site, competitors or creating a new SEO strategy. 

An all-rounder SEO toolkit, Moz Pro combines competitive analysis, keyword research and content marketing. Moz Pro is also known for creating the SEO metric Domain Authority - useful for understanding your competitors as well as your own pages. 

Price: A Standard Plan is $99/month with other plans depending on a Premium Plan costing $599/month. 


  • MozBar, a Google Chrome extension shows a site’s Page Authority and Domain Authority either for your own web pages or those of a competitor. 
  • Some tools like Keyword Explorer and backlink research are available for free with monthly limits. 
  • Track your link profile and discover new link-building opportunities with Open Site Explorer. 
  • On-page-SEO tool improves your content’s SEO before you publish it. 
  • Receive weekly crawl updates and uncover technical glitches to fix including - 404s, duplicate content and missing meta descriptions


  • Despite the high cost of subscriptions - Moz places strong limits on its tools - eg. a standard plan only includes 150 keyword queries per month. 
  • No PPC metrics - Moz can’t be used for monitoring or creating paid ad campaigns. 
  • Fewer technical SEO tools than other platforms including site speed. 
  • Generation of reports is slower than other platforms. 
  • Backlinks database is more limited than competitors. 

Best for: Businesses looking for their first all-in-one comprehensive SEO toolkit that includes helpful resources. Users need to be mindful of the heavy limits. 

4. Kparser

Kparser Landing Page Snippet

Kparser is an advanced keyword research tool. If it’s just keyword research and generation that you’re looking for, Kparser could be a great Ubersuggest alternative. 

According to Kparser, the tool actually provides up to 15x more keyword suggestions than Ubersuggest - pretty powerful claims. 

For eCommerce businesses, Kparser is a great keyword research tool since it searches both Amazon and eBay for profitable keywords consumers are searching for. 

Price: Kparser is free without search volume and CPC metrics. A Pro Account is $69/month. 


  • Create a list of negative keywords to avoid costs on irrelevant clicks. 
  • Perform keyword research across 18 different sources including YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Google and eBay.
  • Advanced filtering system helps provide only the most relevant and accurate keyword suggestions. 
  • Export keyword results for future reference. 
  • PPC metrics means Kparser can be used for paid Ad campaigns. 


  • Only a keyword research tool - no other SEO features are provided. 
  • No content related suggestions. 
  • Search volume and CPC metrics are only available with a Pro Plan.
  • Negative keyword list only available with a subscription.
  • User interface is dated compared to other platforms. 

Best for: Businesses looking to begin free advanced keyword research. The paid plan without other SEO tools isn’t necessarily worthwhile.  

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking Landing Page Snippet

All-in-one SEO platform SE Ranking is strong Ubersuggest alternative due to its simple to use and intuitive dashboard. A relatively new toolkit on the SEO scene, with just over 300,000 users, SE Ranking is one to watch as it adds new features. 

As a cloud-based software, users simply access SE Ranking through their web browser. There’s no download or required software updates. 

The keyword rank tracker is one of the best tools that comes with the platform. Covering major search engines, Bing, Google and Yahoo, it shows the historical ranking for the keywords most important to your site.

You can also find out how your rankings differ on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Price: SE Ranking uses a flexible pricing model based on how many keyword rankings you want to check, how frequently and the duration of your subscription. Plans start at $30/month and steadily increase. 


  • Lead Generator is a unique tool for agencies to acquire new customers. 
  • Use the on-page checker to find out how well each of your pages is optimized for specific queries/keywords. 
  • Assess your site’s backlinks with 15 different variables including social popularity, Moz Domain Authority, Google index status of each link and Majestic Trust Flow. 
  • Schedule custom reports that are sent to clients automatically. 
  • Plan PPC keywords, segment your organic keywords and build your overall keyword strategy with the Keyword Grouper Tool.


  • Tools often don’t provide enough data for SEO experts to make balanced decisions about web pages - eg. backlink analysis tool doesn’t dig deep enough. 
  • SE Ranking doesn’t provide enough detailed metrics like other platforms, eg. there’s no competitive density, trends or analysis of SERPs. 
  • No resources like webinars to assist users with making the most of the platform or SEO strategy.
  • Data can be sluggish to load. 
  • There’s a day-long delta for rankings to appear. 

Best for: Businesses looking for a reasonably priced all-in-one SEO tool that has especially strong keyword tracking features. 

6. Serpstat

Serpstat Sample Dashboard

Serpstat is a another budget-friendly Ubersuggest alternative that’s particularly strong on the keyword research front. 

While it may not have the same depth as SEMrush or similar platforms, since Serpstat is a newer addition, they’re continually adding features and expanding their reach. 

Serpstat is also a great tool for evaluating your own and your competitors’ domains. The platform in fact has data on around 180 million domains

If you have a larger marketing team that will need to use Serpstat simultaneously the platform has generous multi-user plans making it far easier for seamless collaboration without purchasing multiple licenses or plans. 

Price: A Lite Plan starts at $69/month and steadily increases until its top of the range Enterprise Plan of $499/month.


  • Analyze the domains from where you’ve got your backlinks to determine if they’re impacting your rankings positively or negatively. 
  • Track the top 100 results for any given keyword. 
  • Compare up to 200 domains with the Batch Analysis tool. 
  • Conduct research into which keywords competitors are using in paid ad campaigns. 
  • Easy to use intuitive dashboard without confusing features. 


  • Keyword difficulty and domain authority metrics are sometimes inaccurate. 
  • Link and keyword databases are smaller than competing platforms like Ahrefs and SEMrush
  • Doesn’t always locate all Google Ads. 
  • Limited data on low-traffic searches. 
  • No social media tracking.

Best for: Businesses looking for a cheaper all-in-one SEO toolkit without highly complex and technical data to get started on their strategy.  

7. Mangools

Mangools-KWFinder Sample Dashboard

Mangools is one of the most user-friendly Ubersuggest alternatives out there. If you prefer data to be presented in aesthetically pleasing, colour-coded graphs then Mangools could be the right choice to get going with your SEO strategy. 

Mangools’s SERPchecker is one of the highlights of the platform’s 5 different tools. Check which sites are ranking for your target keywords in different locations on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Price: A Basic Plan is $29.90/month while a top tier Agency Plan is $79.90/month. 


  • View a site’s Dominance Index, a metric created by Mangools to show you the organic traffic share of your site based on the keywords you’re currently ranking for. 
  • Biggest changes feature shows you which keywords you’re improving your rankings for and which keywords you’re falling for. 
  • Filter backlinks based on different link types like Blog, Q&A and Forum. 
  • View the backlinks your competitors have recently lost and use it as an opportunity to reach out to site managers about including your site. 
  • Filter backlinks based on Link Strength and Citation Flow - metrics which build a picture of the site’s Domain Authority. 


  • Links database isn’t as large as Ahrefs or Majestic. 
  • Despite offering an agency plan, Mangools doesn’t have a dashboard for your SEO clients. 
  • No on-page SEO guidance. 
  • No local SEO tool. 
  • Heavy limitations - on the top tier plan there are only 1200 keyword phrases available per month, Ubersuggest allows 100,000. 

Best for: Freelancers, bloggers and small businesses looking for a reasonably priced SEO platform for comprehensive analysis and SEO strategy planning. 

8. LongTailPro

LongTailPro Sample Dashboard

LongTailPro is a comprehensive keyword research tool which is specifically well-known for its ability to generate thousands of valuable long-tail keywords which should help you outrank the competition. 

Whether you’re launching a new site, or revising your current SEO strategy, there’s no denying that sourcing those profitably and highly valuable keywords is essential. Keyword research never really ends and for that reason, you need to use powerful software to uncover those long-tail phrases that others aren’t using yet. 

Price: An Annual Starter Plan is $25/month while an Annual Agency Plan is $98/month.


  • Easy to use simple software. 
  • Access ‘How to’ videos to help you leverage the platform to its full potential. 
  • Enter a competitor’s URL and view LongTailPro analyze their keyword strategy.
  • Create keyword filters based on search volume, CPC bid and rank value. 
  • Calculate the viability of a keyword on a scale of 1-100. 


  • Results can be slow to load. 
  • No additional SEO tools like backlink analysis.
  • Starter Plan is limited to just one user. 
  • Seed keyword searches are capped with daily limits - there’s no unlimited option.
  • Apply filters button doesn’t always work. 

Best for: Site managers specifically looking for competitive long-tail keywords and phrases without any other SEO tools. 

9. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite Sample Dashboard

Unlike other SEO tools on this list, SEO Powersuite is downloadable desktop software. Made up of 4 different SEO tools, SEO Powersuite is best used for in-depth site audits, and for analyzing your site’s technical SEO data. 

With strong analytical features, it’s also great for analyzing what your competitors are getting right in their SEO strategy and how you might be able to outrank them. 

One of SEO Powersuite’s best features titled ‘Look for Prospects’ scours the web for the most relevant link-building opportunities for your site. 

Price: A freemium version allows you to use the tools for free but won’t allow you to copy or export data. A Professional Plan is $320/year and an Enterprise Plan is $750/year.


  • Perform an unlimited number of checks for keyword rankings - Ubersuggest allows a maximum of 200 rankings per project. 
  • Create an unlimited number of projects - Ubersuggest allows 15 in its top tier plan. 
  • Analyze an unlimited number of backlinks per site. 
  • See metrics like how much monthly traffic your site receives via a search term, estimated page visits if your site ranks no.1 for a specific keyword, and estimated PPC costs per month.
  • Adapt to key search engine algorithm changes with automatic platform updates.


  • Each user has to purchase a full-priced licence making the tool impractical for large SEO teams.
  • SEO Powersuite requires a large desktop installation.
  • No bi-weekly coaching and Q&A like Ubersuggest. 
  • Frequent application updates mean having to install more software. 
  • No monthly subscriptions are available which is a negative if you’d like to try the tool out for a month or two before committing. 

Best for: SEO specialists who are looking for comprehensive technical site audits and in-depth backlink analysis. 

10. Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO Landing Page Snippet

Cognitive SEO is an Ubersuggest alternative which focuses on crawling your whole site, uncovering weak technical areas that are holding you back in rankings. 

Some of the technical glitches Cognitive SEO pinpoints:

  • Broken links 
  • Sluggish response times
  • Sitemap issues 
  • Anchor text problems 

The platform will then devise a report with actionable insights to improve your site and remove the technical problems holding it back in search engine rankings. 

Cognitive SEO also has a strong targeted keyword analysis which shows you which keywords and phrases you’ll need to incorporate across your site to secure a higher ranking. 

Price: Plans start at $129.99/month with custom made plans for larger businesses and agencies. 


  • Find out how changes in Google algorithms will affect your rankings. 
  • Access one-on-one training sessions to better harness the platform and improve your site’s SEO. 
  • Schedule customized reports to be sent out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Identify negative backlinks across your site that may be harming your SEO efforts - you can then disavow them. 
  • See how many backlinks are pointing to your site as well as competing sites. 


  • User interface is dated and can be challenging to navigate. 
  • Heavy limits on the competitive analysis feature without the more expensive plan. 
  • Platform can be slow to load. 
  • No content gap analysis. 
  • Rank tracking tool doesn’t compare multiple sites. 

Best for: SEO specialists looking to carry out comprehensive site audits that also include keyword analysis. 

Summary or Ubersuggest Alternatives

While Ubersuggest is an attractive platform for those just starting out in SEO due to its intuitive dashboard, helpful guidance and robust keyword research tool, its limitations and lack of comprehensive metrics may hold you back if you’re looking to take your SEO strategy to the next level. 

Before you get too comfortable with the platform, make sure to check out some Ubersuggest alternatives and discover a whole new range of metrics and tools that could be instrumental to skyrocketing your site’s rankings. 

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