How We Support Our Site

Grow Hack Scale is a growth marketing education company helping socially-responsible companies and B-Corp organisations better navigate the uncharted territory of the web.

People often ask us how it's possible to support this mission when most of our content is freely accessible to anyone, anywhere.

So we put together this page to explain a little bit about our business model and how we're able to be sustainable.

How Is Grow Hack Scale Funded?

To start with, we raise no outside funding in order to run GHS. All revenue is generated internally from the following sources:

Running an organisation and website like Grow Hack Scale, requires a substantial amount of revenue. For R&D, whilst developing software, and education and training of staff who help build the business.

We create and maintain hundreds of marketing guides, research, studies and multimedia to serve marketing professionals who want to learn how to better attribute their activities to revenue.

Referral Commissions

We sometimes earn referral fees from advertising partners when a reader buys their services.

The solutions we recommend to readers are either products we use religiously ourselves, to run our own internal operations. Or, products included in our reviews - all of which are based on quantitative and qualitative analysis from subject matter experts.

All opinions are our own, both positive and negative - and we will never accept payments from any merchant in exchange for a positive review.

When you click on links in our articles, a cookie will be saved to your browser to track your referral, so that if you make a purchase, we'll be a paid a referral fee.

When you buy services through our links, you will not incur any charge. In fact, in some cases, buying through us will yield you a sweet discount.

How Can You Help Us?

There a number of ways for you to help us and support our mission:

We're committed to helping you grow, and we really appreciate the support you've given us. Can't wait to share what we're working on next.

Thank you for support.

Grow Hack Scale Team