Best Free SEO Tools & Solutions in 2023

A list of the best free SEO tools in the market to help you boost your rankings. Includes keyword research tools, site speed tools, SEO plugins and more.

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Netpeak Spider is a powerful desktop tool for fast and comprehensive technical audit of the entire website. The SEO crawler will find broken links and images and check for duplicate content. With the built-in website scraper you can use up to 100 conditions and four types of search parameters (contains, Regexp, XPath, CSS) and generate a site audit report in PDF with key aspects of SEO on page analysis, equipped with diagrams and graphics.
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The industry leading website crawler for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu, trusted by thousands of SEOs and agencies worldwide for technical SEO site audits.
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Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results
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A simpler way to grow your business. WooRank's tools give you actionable insight to help you optimize your online sales and marketing efforts.
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Answer the public is a keyword research tool that gives you insights into what your target audience frequently searches for on the internet.
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Ahrefs all-in-one SEO toolset can help you with competitor research, link Building, keyword research, website audits, content research and rank tracking.
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Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that helps users generate keyword ideas and also gain insights into competitor traffic to improve their content marketing strategy.
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$99/mo - $599/mo
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A Moz Pro subscription includes: access to site tracking with Campaigns, where you can learn how your site health, link building, and keyword performance impact your SEO success
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Free SEO Tools: 50+ SEO Tools To Boost Your Rankings

SEO can sometimes feel like a time-consuming and costly investment. But who says generating organic traffic needs to be expensive? There are loads of free SEO tools to try and experiment with before you invest in a pricey subscription. 

In fact, if you’re just starting out in SEO, you’ll probably find that you can create and execute a top-notch strategy with the help of these free SEO tools.

Some are 100% free and some fall within the freemium category, all in all, we hope you find our list of the best free SEO tools helpful in your optimization endeavours.

Free Keyword Research Tools 

All of these free SEO tools will help you generate more keywords. Some are more focused on just generating keywords while others are more focused on topical relevance and user search queries

1. AnswerThePublic 


For creating a list of ultra-relevant keywords and topics, AnswerThePublic is one of the best keyword research tools around. 

Answer The Public shows you the actual search terms and queries that users enter into Google and Bing search engines. 

Once you know a few of these questions and topics, you can create content that addresses what users actually want to read about

If you want some quick inspiration for what topics and questions your content should be including, this is a great tool to keep all of your content efforts super focused and relevant. 


2. Keyword Explorer (MOZ) 


With 500 million keyword suggestions Keyword Explorer is an excellent option for highly in-depth keyword research.

Moz is known for their own in-house Keyword Difficulty metric, making it easier for you to select which keywords to target. You can also view CTR data and super accurate volume ranges. 

Each query will pull up around 1000 keyword suggestions along with SERP analysis. The only downside is that the free version only allows up to 10 queries a month.

3. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

A browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox, install Keywords Everywhere to view keyword suggestions with volume metrics while you browse the internet

Given its format, Keywords Everywhere is interesting to use when you’re snooping on competing sites’ pages to find out what keywords they’re using and what their metrics are like. This is a great tool for keyword inspiration while you’re on the go. 

4. Ubersuggest 


Ubersuggest is a great keyword research tool if you’re looking for a user-friendly platform that provides some extra guidance

When browsing keyword suggestions, Ubersuggest selects keywords that will help drive your site’s rankings and organic traffic. The keywords tab finds which keywords have less competition and also shows a few demonstrated uses of each keyword. 

The visual layout of the platform that displays keywords as a word cloud is great for helping you clearly see each suggestion. 

5. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Homepage Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Designed for users looking to buy ads, Google’s keyword research tool is still super helpful for keyword planning for organic search results

Using Google’s own data, it’s highly accurate since everything is pulled from its own servers without any interfering third-party tools or algorithms

Enter a seed keyword and a list of up to 300 suggested keywords will pop up. View important metrics like the average number of monthly searches, and competition for each keyword to help you select which keywords to target. 

The best thing about this keyword research tool is that it’s completely free and unlimited to use. 

6. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Yep, you read that for real - we’re not kidding when it comes to the name of this keyword research tool!

Enter a seed keyword, hit enter and - boom - the tool will suggest piles of keywords. View metrics like cost per click, keyword volume and competition data with this free keyword research tool. 

7. Also Asked 

Also Asked Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Another keyword research tool focused on responding to users’ questions, Also Asked is great for producing highly relevant content that users want to read. 

Keeping your site’s content relevant and focused is key to ensuring high dwell time and boosting your rankings in search results. 

You can also perform searches by country and different languages. 

8. Keyworddit 

Keyworddit Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Keyworddit is another handy keyword research tool if you’re looking to create more niche content and attract a specific audience

Enter a subreddit and a few relevant keywords will pop up as well as the monthly search volume for each keyword in the U.S. 

This is a highly insightful tool if you’re looking to target specific interests and groups of people. 

Free Link Building Tools 

A solid backlink strategy is key to boosting your site’s rankings. While you might think that the best backlink checkers all come with a premium price tag, there are several free tools that’ll help you analyse your current profile as well as develop a link building strategy

9. Link Miner (Backlinko)

Sample Search Results from Backlinko's Link Miner - Best Free SEO Tools

Download the free chrome extension and identify broken links on any page, and see link metrics while searching on Google

While the Chrome extension is free, you’ll have to pay if you want full access to Link Miner’s backlink checker. 

10. Link Explorer (Moz)


With a massive link database of over 35 trillion links, Link Explorer is arguably the largest and most accurate backlink checker and database on the market right now. 

View the backlink profile and domain authority of any link you enter into the tool. 

With a free account, perform up to 10 search queries with 50 rows of data per month. 

11. Backlink Checker (Ahrefs) 


Ahrefs, often considered the gold standard of SEO platforms, truly excels at backlink checking. 

The best part of this is that it’s free with some limitations. With the second most active web crawler after Google, Ahrefs’ database is home to a massive 22 trillion backlinks

Enter the URL of any site, yours or a competitor’s and see all the backlinks that link to that specific site. With a list of the backlinks, view metrics like domain authority and the exact location of the referring website

The Ahrefs designed ‘Domain Rating’ shows you the value of each site that is linking to you or a competitor. 

Without a paid subscription, you’re limited to discovering the top 100 backlinks for any web page or site. Ahrefs free backlink checker is great for a quick search of yours or the competing sites’ top backlinks. 

12. Disavow Tool 

Disavow Tool Search Console - Best Free SEO Tools

When it comes to link building, it’s not a case of any link is a good link. Spammy backlinks or links from low authority web pages will actually cause your site to fall in rankings. 

Any negative backlink should be removed as soon as possible. There’s a simple way to do this with Google’s Disavow Tool. 

Simply follow the tool’s detailed guidelines and you’ll be able to request that Google frees you from any particular link that is harming your rankings. 

13. Detailed 

Detailed Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

A unique free link research tool, Detailed shows you what’s driving links to some of the most popular corners of the web. Filtering by category, it’s easy to find out which links drive the most traffic and boost rankings. 

Detailed also has a handy Chrome SEO extension, providing detailed overviews of any page’s SEO status. 

14. Linkio’s Anchor Text Suggestion Tool 

Linkio's Anchor Text Suggestion Tool Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

If you find yourself getting stuck on what anchor text you should be using to ensure your links are frequently clicked on, try Linkio’s free tool. 

Enter the URL and the platform will suggest the best anchor text to use for that specific page. 

Free On - Page SEO Tools

On-page SEO tools act as real-time SEO assistants, optimising your pages and copy there and then, helping you to achieve top results. 

15. Rich Results Test 

Rich Results Test Homepage - Best Free SEO Tools

This free SEO tool will tell you if your site can support rich results. What are rich results you may be asking? It’s essentially when Google displays non-textual elements like images in search results which can be key to boosting your rankings.

Rich Results Test renders both mobile and desktop versions so you can be sure that your content can be included by Google in search result snippets. 

16. SERPSim 

SERPSim Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

A SERP that appears in full without being prematurely cut off is key to helping users know what your content is about and essential to ensure high click-through rates. 

Instead of using a character counter like most other SERP snippet generators, SERPSim counts the pixels in your snippet which is what Google uses when deciding how much of your snippet to display. 

17. Animalz Revive 

Animalz Revive Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Identify which pages on your site need an update to boost organic traffic. Animalz Revive finds those pages that are steadily losing organic traffic over time.

Instead of always focusing on creating new content, it’s just as important to refresh and update older content to prevent content decay.

18. Natural Language API Demo 

Natural Language Understanding Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Using Machine Learning, this free SEO tool determines the meaning of the text in your content

Analyse the text of one page at a time and see how a search engine would view the syntax, categorization, sentiment analysis and entities

You can then use this data to make any necessary adjustments to the content. 

19. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool Homepage - Best Free SEO Tools

Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool is highly useful for solving any problems related to your site’s structured data. Or if you prefer, you can use the tool for analysing your competitors’ structured data. 

Once you’ve got an idea of how your site is doing, you can then edit code from within the platform for resulting valid code. 

Free Technical SEO Tools 

You could have the most relevant content, a strong backlink strategy, and have successfully optimised your site however, all of these components aren’t enough for your site to top search engine results. 

Use these free technical SEO tools to ensure the finer technical elements of your site aren’t holding you back in rankings. 

20. Netpeak Spider


Netpeak Spider provides impressively detailed website crawling to uncover SEO issues that could harm your search engine optimization efforts.

Finding out missing meta tags, page descriptions, and page titles, content duplication, broken links, mistakes in URLs as well as images that are too large. 

Performing such a solid website crawl is essential for a good website audit. Using the free version, crawl an unlimited number of URLs but without PRO features. 

If a free version isn't enough for your SEO task, use our GrowHackScale25 discount code to get 25% off for the first payment.


21. Screaming Frog 


Screaming Frog carries out impressively in-depth website crawls to uncover technical issues that could be detrimental to your SEO efforts. 

Identify missing meta page descriptions, page titles, errors in URLs as well as images that are too large. 

Performing such a solid website crawl is essential for a good website audit.  Using the free version, crawl up to 500 URLs. 

22. Chrome DevTools 

Sample Code from Chrome DevTools - Best Free SEO Tools

This free SEO tool is Chrome’s built-in web page debugging tool. Using the platform, improve web page rendering performance, page speed issues and many other technical glitches. 

It’s an essential technical SEO tool to add to your regular rotation. 

23. Link Redirect Trace 

Link Redirect Trace Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Another free Chrome extension, Link Redirect Trace is known as an all in one redirect path analyser. Uncover information about robots.txt, HTTP headers, rel-canonicals and basic link metrics. 

Basically, the tool tells you if your link redirects are SEO technically sound and if they come with any additional link juice. 

24. Keep-Alive Validation SEO Tool 

Keep-Alive Validation SEO Tool Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

This free SEO tool shows you if persistent connections are enabled or disabled across your site. 

Ensuring persistent connections are active is a key part of making sure your site is user-friendly and up to speed. If there are persistent connections, it means the user only needs to connect to the server once. 

25. Google Search Console 

Google Search Console Homepage - Best Free SEO Tools

Another free Google SEO tool, Google Search Console is perhaps the best all-around platform from their popular toolkit. 

Performing in-depth analysis of blockers that prevent your site’s properties from ranking well in search results, the tool identifies any sitemap or indexing issues. 

Google Search Console is also great for monitoring the exact phrases users enter into Google to locate your site. View analytics for the queries people use to land on your web pages. 

Free Site Speed Tools 

A site that loads quickly, isn’t sluggish and works well on both mobile and desktop browsers is key to ensuring top performance in search engine results. 

26. PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights Homepage Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Use Google PageSpeed Insights either within your web browser or as a Chrome or Firefox browser extension. 

All you need to do is enter your web pages’ URLs and the platform tests both your pages’ loading times and performance on desktop and mobile. The tool will then give you suggestions for speeding up your web pages and provide recommendations for overall performance improvement. 

The mobile results also offer handy hints on user experience including things like font size and CTA buttons. 

27. Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Use this free SEO tool to test and improve your overall page experience. 

Since site speed is very different for each user, it’s important to check how different users will experience your page. While some people might only have access to unreliable slow 3g connections, other users might have the latest super-fast 5g at their disposal. 

Lighthouse audits five different components including accessibility, performance, progressive web apps and SEO

The results of these audits will give you a reliable picture of the overall performance of your desktop or mobile site or web app

Knowing which pages are sluggish will allow you to quickly sort them out and ultimately boost your dwell time. 

28. WebPageTest 

WebPageTest Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

A slow or unresponsive site might lead to users clicking on the competitors’ web pages instead of yours. 

Using WebPageTest, check your web pages’ load and response time. Perform competitor speed tests, identify the time to the first byte and find out how long it takes for a site to load. 

29. Cloudflare


Cloudflare is a free content delivery network (CDN). With a network of servers, it speeds up the loading of your site’s content by using servers closest to the user. 

Not only does this speed up the loading time of your site for users but it also protects your site from attacks. 

30. GTmetrix

GTmetrix Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Use GTmetrix to see how quickly your site loads and find out what’s holding it back from loading more quickly. 

When giving you an overall performance score, GTmetrix will also make recommendations on how you can optimise your site and make sure it’s loading as quickly as possible. 

Free Mobile SEO Tools

It’s no secret that Google puts mobile first when it comes to search engine results. Make sure your site looks great and performs well on mobile and desktop with these free mobile SEO tools. 

31. Mobile-Friendly Test 

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

An easy to use, responsive, and clear mobile site is key to engaging more customers. If you ensure your mobile site is up to date and easy to navigate from a phone, you’ll drive organic traffic, more conversions and a better dwell time. 

Mobile-Friendly Test examines how easily a user can access your site from a smartphone, analysing things like whether web pages look good in a vertical format, and if the CTAs are large enough. 

32. Mobile SERP Test 

Mobile SERP Test Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Mobile SERP results can vary hugely depending on both location and device. Using this free SEO tool, compare devices side-by-side with any location that can vary down to the exact address. 

33. Mobile-First Index Checker

Mobile-First Index Checker Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

With Google’s switch to mobile-first indexing, it’s essential that key site elements like structured data and links match on both desktop and mobile versions. 

This tool is super important for checking out how the mobile and desktop version of your site is in keeping with SEO best practises. 

Free Local SEO Tools

If you have a local business, you’ll need to ensure you receive positive reviews, appear on Google Maps and have accurate contact information appearing in relevant business directories. 

Use these free local SEO tools to boost your rankings. 

34. BrightLocal 

Bright Local Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Composed of a few different tools, BrightLocal is created with the mindset of boosting your local rankings in search engines. 

It can be difficult to assess your local rankings from any given location that’s not your current one but BrightLocal makes it easy for you to see local search engine rankings from anywhere in the world. 

You can also monitor your competitors’ online reviews and compare your rankings against theirs. 

35. Google My Business 

Google My Business Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

The number one free SEO tool for local businesses. If your site sells area-specific products or services, make it a priority to claim your business on Google Maps.

Once your business is appearing on Google Maps, add photos and offers to your profile to hook your potential customer base. Control how your business appears to your target audience for increased conversions.

You can also use the platform to add multiple ways for potential customers to make contact either by messaging or calling your business.  

Key stats tell you the total number of searches for your business, how many views your business received and the number of calls. 

36. Moz Local Check Business Listing


Wondering how accurate or consistent your business details are on directories and search engines? Moz Local Check Business Listing shows how your business appears across the web in data aggregators that Google and other search engines use to rank local search results.

Identify any errors in your business listings that may be damaging your local SEO efforts. View a summary of the categories your business is listed under and the type of media that’s used for your business.  

37. Google Review Link Generator 

Google Review Link Generator Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Good customer reviews are essential for a strong SEO game. This tool is key for finding your Google Review listing and for generating a shortened link to your page making it easier for users to find and review your business.

Positive reviews will drive your rankings so make it a priority to set up a shortened link. 

38. Whitespark Local Citation Finder

Whitespark Local Citation Finder Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Monitor your site’s mentions, the competition’s citations and identify new opportunities for your local business with Whitespark Local Citation Finder. 

Free Rank Tracking Tools

These free SEO tools show you where you rank as opposed to just showing your traffic like other analytical tools. 


SERPROBOT Sample Dashboard Report - Best Free SEO Tools

Like the name suggests, SERPROBOT tracks your SERPs. It’s easy to implement alerts and modify the frequency with which your SERP is analysed.   

40. Bulk Google Rank Checker

Bulk Google Rank Checker Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Check your site’s SERPS for different keywords in bulk with this free rank tracking tool. 

41. Taptimize

Taptimize Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

Taptimize will track SERPs for up to 10 keywords for free. The platform also gives recommendations based on your current SEO state. 

42. SERP Checker (Ahrefs)


View the top 10 rankings for keywords in over 170 countries. The free version of the platform also shows you essential SEO metrics like the estimated search traffic, referring domains and the number of backlinks. 

43. Search Latte

Search Latte Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

To manually track your rankings, Search Latte is a great option. Simply enter the keyword and view all of the sites that rank in the top 100. You can filter the ranking results by country and language too. 

You can then use the tool to view your own site and see if you are rising or falling in search engine rankings. 

Free Analytics Tools 

A successful SEO strategy is nothing if you can’t measure key data like organic traffic and site visitors. Use these free analytics tools to monitor your SEO strategy. 

44. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

To get a clear picture of whether your SEO strategy is increasing your site’s organic traffic, use Google Analytics. 

As Google accounts for the majority of searches (70% to be exact) you’d be wise to take notice of its data.

View essential pieces of data like organic traffic and site visitors. If you’re set on your site reaching page 1 of Google results, this is the analytics tool you should be using. 

45. Google Data Studio 

Google Data Studio Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Find all of Google Analytics’ data too detailed or overwhelming? Google Data Studio takes all the data and compiles it into digestible reports and dashboards to help you fully understand each and every metric.

Seamlessly integrating with other Google SEO tools, you can also use data from other tools like Google Search Console to ensure you receive ultra detailed reports. 

46. WooRank


If you want a quick and simple SEO analysis, WooRank provides a straightforward report of what needs to be improved on your web page. 

Type in your domain and within a few moments you’ll receive a thorough report of what needs improvement. 

This is a great free SEO tool for beginners as its user interface is easy to navigate and understand.

47. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Sample Dashboard - Best Free SEO Tools

Although Google’s free SEO tools tend to be more popular, Bing Webmaster has a complete set of website and search analytics. 

Particular highlights are crawling data, keyword research and keyword reports

Free WordPress SEO Plugins

With so many free WordPress SEO plugins to choose from, these are the standout options for optimising your SEO strategy. 

48. SEOPress


SEOPress has an easy set up ideal for beginners as well as some more advanced features perfect for those with more experience. 

Expect access to all the SEO features you’d expect to have from a SEO plugin like meta description, title, redirects, image and XML sitemaps and open graph support. 


49. Yoast 

Yoast Landing Page Snippet - Best Free SEO Tools

If you have a WordPress based site you may already be familiar with the powerhouse plugin Yoast. 

Probably the most reliable and most installed SEO plugin, Yoast is very user friendly and makes it easy for you to optimise your web pages directly within WordPress, providing suggestions on keyword inclusion, SEO titles and meta descriptions. 

50. Rank Math 


A newer SEO plugin, Rank Math comes with a few features that Yoast doesn’t have, such as built in redirection. Using Rank Math will save you from installing several other plugins and prevent you from having to do so many upgrades. 

51. All in One SEO Pack 


This WordPress SEO plugin is a complete set of SEO tools designed to improve your site. Add meta tags, SEO titles, image sitemaps and XML sitemaps among other features. 

Easy to set up, you can control many different settings using the features manager. 

Final thoughts on the Best Free SEO Tools

Top quality SEO tools needn’t dent your marketing budget. Try a few of these free SEO tools and see how quickly you can increase your organic traffic. 

Before you opt for a paid subscription to other SEO tools, make sure you give these free versions a go. 

What types of free SEO tools are available?

Finding the right SEO tools for your website can be overwhelming, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Not to worry though, there are plenty of excellent free SEO tools available that can help you get the job done. Here are some of the top free SEO tools you should definitely be taking advantage of:

1. Google Search Console: This is a must-have for any website. Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) provides detailed insights into how your website is performing on Google. It will notify you of any errors or issues you should be aware of, and also tells you which keywords are driving traffic to your site.

2. Google Analytics: Another essential tool from Google, Google Analytics is the go-to tool for tracking and understanding your website’s performance. With it, you can track visits, conversions, and other important metrics that will help you gauge the success of your SEO efforts.

3. Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website for search engines. You'll be able to easily edit your titles, meta descriptions, and other important elements of your pages. It also helps you to create an XML sitemap and submit it to search engines like Google and Bing.

4. Screaming Frog: This award-winning crawler tool will crawl your website and analyze all its elements to identify any potential SEO issues that need to be addressed. It will also check for broken links and redirects, as well as generate an XML sitemap for you.

5. MozBar: MozBar is a great tool for quickly evaluating any web page from an SEO perspective. You can view the page’s title tag, meta description, H1 tags, and more - all with a single click. It also provides an overview of the page’s backlinks and social signals.

These are just a few of the free SEO tools available to you - so don’t hesitate to explore some of the others out there too! With the right combination of free tools, you can easily get started with SEO on a tight budget.

What are the benefits of free SEO solutions?

The benefits of using free SEO solutions are numerous! Firstly, they can save you a lot of time and effort by automating certain SEO tasks. For example, keyword research tools can help you identify the best keywords to target for your website, while link analysis tools can help you track the performance of your backlinks.

These tools can also help you stay ahead of the competition. By providing you with insights into your competitor’s SEO strategies, you can use this information to come up with more effective tactics of your own.

Furthermore, free SEO tools can help you identify areas in which your website is lacking in terms of search engine optimization. This can be extremely helpful in identifying problems and coming up with solutions that will improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages.

In addition, free SEO tools can help you keep track of important metrics such as website traffic, keyword rankings, and backlinks. This data can be used to make informed decisions about your SEO strategy and ensure that it remains effective.

Overall, free SEO tools offer a variety of benefits that can help you improve your website’s performance in the search engine results pages. These tools are a great way to save time and effort while also helping you stay ahead of the competition.

What are the most common features of free SEO software?

When it comes to free SEO tools, there are so many different features to consider. Some of the most common features you can find with free SEO tools include keyword research and analysis, website analysis, backlinks analysis, local SEO, competitor analysis, website optimization, and more.

Keyword research and analysis is one of the most common features of free SEO tools. This feature allows you to analyze which keywords are most popular in your industry and audience. With this data, you can create content that is more likely to be found by your audience.

Website analysis is another common feature of free SEO tools. This feature allows you to analyze your website and make sure it is optimized for search engines. This includes checking for broken links, duplicate content, title tags, meta tags, and more.

Backlinks analysis is also a common feature of free SEO tools. This feature allows you to see who is linking back to your website and what type of links they are providing. This can help you understand how you can improve your link building efforts.

Local SEO is another important feature of free SEO tools. This feature helps you optimize your website for local searches. By understanding the local keywords that are popular in your area, you can ensure that your website shows up in the right places when people in your area search for certain terms.

Competitor analysis is also a common feature of free SEO tools. This helps you understand how well your competitors are doing in terms of search engine optimization. By understanding their strategies, you can create a better overall strategy for your own website.

Finally, website optimization is a great feature of free SEO tools. This helps you optimize your website for the best possible performance on search engines. By optimizing titles, meta tags, images, content structure and more, you can ensure that your website is ranked higher in search engine results pages.

Overall, there are many different features you can find in free SEO tools. By understanding these features, you can make sure that you are using the best possible strategies for improving your search engine rankings.