Page Authority


What Is Page Authority?

Page Authority or PA is a score which was created and developed by marketing analytics company Moz, to indicate where a specific page will rank on SERPs. Page authority is different to domain authority, which measures the authority of an entire website.

How Is Page Authority Scored?

Page authority is determined using a 100-point logarithmic scale. The higher the PA score, the easier it is for a page to rank. 

Page authority is also a comparative metric, which allows a website analyse how it is performing in relation to its competitors.

It’s based on three criteria:

1. How Much the Page Is Trusted

Pages with low quality content and unreliable spammy links will not see a rise in page authority. Focus on high-quality at each level of your web page.

2. How Much Your Links Contribute to the Page

It’s all well and good filling your page with links, but if they’re irrelevant to your content and add little value then they won’t positively impact your page authority score.

3. How Recent The Last Update Was

If your page is out of date and neglected it will suffer in the rankings. Frequent updates, on the other hand, will positively affect crawl demand.

How Do You Review Your Page Authority?

It is always important to keep an eye on your page authority, and you can do this by reflecting on a few factors. You should:

  • Review the number and quality of backlinks you have accumulated 
  • Evaluate if your page ranks well for high-competition searches 

You can also use tools like MozBar to get an idea of your page’s performance.

How Can You Improve Page Authority?

While page authority is holistic and influenced by a range of factors, there are some things you can do to indirectly improve your page authority. Some of these include:

1. Remove Any Spammy Blog Comments

Spammy blog comments with bad links can detrimentally affect page authority.

Pages can be targeted with this black hat SEO technique, in an effort to undermine a page’s authority and its ranking in SERPs. Be vigilant and remove these comments to reverse the effect.

2. Quality Link-Building

Quality link building is always essential for good SEO. Reaching out to companies with a similar focus or mission can help a page build its authority and its perceived legitimacy.

The authority of a link is based on a few factors:

Bear these factors in mind when generating links in order to maintain and improve your own page authority.

3. Keep Content Regularly Updated

Make sure you keep your pages relevant by regularly updating them with new content, this is a simple way to give your page authority a boost. 

How Can We Help?

Not satisfied with your page authority score? We can set you on track to improve it by teaming you up with a group of marketers recommended by us.

Alternatively, we run training courses for those who want a boost but maybe don’t quite have the funds to hire help!