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Our partner program was built from the ground up to help you close more business. Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant or marketing agency - we have a program that’s right for you.

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Grow your agency or freelance business with a partner-program that’s committed to your success.

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Acquire sales and marketing qualified leads on autopilot

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Get matched with businesses looking for marketing advice

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Earn more money and receive opportunities with certification.

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Why We Started a Partner Program

As a marketing agency ourselves, we recognise that we’re not the right fit for every business. Over the years we’ve turned down a lot of work, simply because we can’t service everyone as best as we’d like to.  

Whilst many may deem us marketing experts, we know nothing about agriculture, transportation, fintech and many other industries.

That’s not to say that working with us won’t lead to success. However, it means we haven’t been around the block in that industry long enough, to give them the best results.

But you have.

By matching your expertise and strengths to the customer’s needs, we can help them achieve better results with less spend - making it a win-win situation for all involved.

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Why You Should Join Our Partner Program

Our marketing partner program helps agencies, freelancers and consultants increase revenue and brand visibility in several ways.

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We understand that increasing monthly recurring revenue is a big challenge. Here's how a partnership with us can help streamline your lead generating and qualifying needs in record time:

1. We qualify leads that match your target market, and setup an introduction so you only spend time on potential customers who have the budget and interest to work with you.

2. Increase your agency's profit margins with an additional revenue stream. We pay between 5%-10% lifetime commissions when you refer past or present clients to work with us.

3. Put your firm in-front of customers looking to work with marketing providers via our marketing directory

SEO Case Study - Marketing Partner ProgramMarketing Glossary - Marketing Partner Program

Acquiring new business can be difficult for marketing providers. Just being present isn't enough, you need to be visible. Here's some of the brand building tools you get access to once you become a partner:

1. Publish past customer success stories, helping businesses better see the financial impact of marketing on their bottom line.

2. Participate in monthly surveys and yearly "State of Industry" reports. Your brand and quotes get seen by thousands of potential customers.

3. Discounted sponsorship opportunities on our podcast, webinars, glossary, workshops and in-person conferences.

Marketing Training and Certification - Marketing Partner Program

As a marketing provider, you need to stay up to speed with the latest happenings in your industry.

With new software, updates and rules - it's almost impossible to keep up. Here's a couple solutions we've built to combat this:

1. Complete our certification programs to ensure your teams consistently build marketing programs and campaigns which yield extraordinary results.

2. Get access to our private slack group, where the smartest agencies collaborate and share strategies that work for them.

3. Bolster your team's skills by attending our online marketing workshops and marketing conference. Free tickets and instant access for "Certified" partners.

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What Happens Next?

Here's what happens as soon as you submit your application


Email Series

You'll receive a series of emails further explaining each partner benefit in detail


Application Review

Once we receive your application, we'll manually review it for acceptance.


Partner Acceptance

Your agency is now ready to receive leads in our marketing agency directory.


Partnership Plan

Increase revenue, lead volume and deal flow with a partner plan that's right for you.

Full Partner Benefits & Pricing

Our partner benefits give agencies and marketing professionals the tools they need to get in-front of their target customer, whilst becoming better marketers themselves through continuous education.

Limited leads via directory listing
5% Referral commissions
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$150/ mo
Unlimited leads via directory listing
Guest posting opportunities via customer success stories
Partner badges
10% Referral commissions
Social media promotion
Option to pay per qualified lead instead
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$800/ mo
Everything registered partners get plus...
Increased deal flow
Glossary placement exposure
Access to agency growth slack group
Co-marketing opportunities
Agency of the Year Award opportunity
Agency partner program insights
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$2,000/ mo
Everything preferred partners get plus...
Further increased deal flow
Discounted sponsorship opportunities
Access to all "Live" marketing masterclass sessions and courses
Free V.I.P tickets to our marketing conference
Beta test new marketing software w/opportunity to whitelabel
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Our Commitment to You

When you join, you won’t become a partner in name only. You’ll be a partner-in-crime who’ll get a front-row seat in all our decision making.

After all, partnership is a two-way street. When we plan new features and updates, we’ll run them by you first before anyone else.

Our goal isn’t to build the largest agency directory in the world, but to build the best. A place where businesses of all sizes can look for specialist help to grow.

And in order to do that, we need your help.

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Your Commitment to Us

If you’re committed to building a long-term relationship with a leading marketing partner who’ll always have your back - then signup today.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Note: At this current time, we’re only accepting firms, consultants and freelancers who provide SEO services.

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