Topical Relevance

Topical Relevance

What Is Topical Relevance?

Topical relevance is a process search engines use to determine how relevant a web page is to a user's search query. It is usually based on a combination of factors, including but not limited to content, backlinks and keywords.

Why Is Topical Relevance Important?

Topical relevance is important, because it helps inform Google crawlers on the reliability and authority of a website.

If a page has a bunch of links pointing to it from random, low-quality sites, this won’t reflect well on your website. 

Similarly, receiving backlinks from popular websites with a high level of authority in their niche will help improve a website’s own page authority and boost its ranking in SERPs.

Equally, content that is optimised with relevant and targeted keywords, and goes into depth on a particular topic will also be rewarded with high ranking in SERPs.

How Can You Optimise Your Website for Topical Relevance?

There are a few different ways that you can optimise your website for topical relevance, these include:

1. Quality Keyword Research

This is essential for topical relevance. Conducting in-depth and quality keyword research will help you identify your audience and attract them to your website. 

Key components of this are discovering keyword difficulty, keyword popularity as well as identifying what keywords your competitors are using.

2. Write Quality Long-Form Content (to an extent)

As long as all the content on your web page is insightful and relevant to the topic at hand, then it’s always best to aim for long-form content. It lends itself to depth and ensures a comprehensive overview of a topic. 

However, having long-form content doesn't mean it's topically relevant, nor does it guarantee high rankings.

The key lies with your page's ability to fulfill the searcher’s query. Whether you achieve this in 5,000 words or 500 simply doesn't matter.

3. Build up Good Relationships With Topically Relevant Sites 

Establishing relationships with websites that contain similar, high-quality content is a great way to collect quality backlinks that boost your topical relevance. 

Tools To Help You Optimise Your Website for Topical Relevance

There are tools to help you with quality keyword research. This plays a vital role in identifying your audience and attracting them to your website. 

Here are also some tools to help you create the right content and also optimise the content. 

What To Avoid

You should aim to keep everything legitimate, and don’t be tempted to dip into black hat SEO techniques. Below are some of the things you should avoid if you want to gain topical relevance for your website.

  • Don’t build unnatural backlinks. In short, don't buy links, overly optimise anchor text links, or create pages exclusively for backlinks
  • Don’t extend your content’s word count just for the sake of it. Focus on quality and value
  • Don’t over-optimise your content with keywords. This ruins the natural flow when reading your content and will see you penalised, voiding your SEO efforts.

How Can We Help?

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