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Best SEO Audit Tools & Solutions in 2024

23 SERP-Winning SEO Audit Tools (Free Tools Included) to Improve Your Rankings


A comprehensive list of SEO Audit tools that includes tools such as Ahrefs, SE Ranking, SEMrush and some great surprises to help you determine which audit tool is best for your business.

Top SEO Audit Tools and tools

An SEO audit is all about concentrating on those technical blockers that are preventing your site from ranking well. Having a solid technical infrastructure that allows search bots to properly crawl and index your site so it ranks highly. 

Performing regular SEO site audits with these tools will ensure that any technical issues can be quickly fixed and your site can perform well in rankings. We recommend a monthly SEO audit to keep your site’s SEO health in top condition. 

An extensive SEO audit can be divided into four parts: 

  • On-page
  • Off-page
  • Technical
  • Competitor analysis 

These are the best SEO audit tools for performing a comprehensive and in-depth site audit to bring your site up to speed with others and maintain its authority in search results

Choose to use these tools either individually or in combination with others on the list for best results. 

Best SEO Audit Tools

1. SE Ranking


SE Ranking will not only help you uncover errors and issues across your site but it will also come up with a list of actionable items that you can use to optimize your site and improve its performance in rankings. 

Run a report on your site and receive details of the severity and number of fixes. As an all-in-one comprehensive SEO audit platform, SE Ranking divides the report into 7 different categories: 

  • Content Analysis 
  • Health Check 
  • Pages Analysis 
  • Images Analysis 
  • Optimization
  • Meta Analysis 
  • Usability and Technologies

SE Ranking groups all of these technical errors into one report and makes it easy for you to save the reports as a PDF for later use. 

Price: An Optimum plan starts at $23.40/month and an Enterprise plan starts at $113/month


2. Serpstat Website Audit Tool


This is a great SEO audit tool if you’re newer to the world of SEO and would prefer a little extra guidance to help you along the way. 

The tool points out any SEO errors across your site along with their location and provides helpful tips for improving them. Identify errors in meta tags, indexation, headings, HTTP, redirects, loading speed, and server parameters. 

Price: A Lite Plan starts at $69/month with plans steadily increasing until the top tier Enterprise Plan costing $499/month. 

Using our promo codes: "growhackscale_access_5" - you get FREE access to Serpstat for 5 days and with "growhackscale_5" - you get a 5% additional discount for buying subscriptions starting from 3 months.


3. Netpeak Spider


Netpeak Spider is another desktop-based SEO audit tool for comprehensive audits, in-depth analysis, scraping of website data and actionable recommendations for how you can improve your site’s overall SEO health. 

With a slightly more dated user interface - don’t be fooled - Netpeak Spider is super detail-oriented and digs deep into your SEO health. 

The tool assesses 80+ optimization issues including broken links and images as well as duplicate titles and meta tags.

The crawler also analyses 70+ on-page SEO parameters like robots.txt, relevant tags, crawling and indexing instructions.  

Price: A Standard Plan starts at $19/month and a Business Plan starts at $149/month. 


4. SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor


A tried and trusted all-in-one SEO platform, SEO PowerSuite is used by over 5 million SEO specialists and site managers worldwide. Combining 4 different tools, the platform excels in detailed SEO audits that identify all of the minor details that might be stopping your web pages from showing up on page 1. 

Website Auditor dives deeply into your site auditing both external and internal resources, including images, videos, Flash, JavaScript, and HTML.  

Using the SEO audit tool you can also perform a site crawl analysis just like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! following robots.txt bot instructions. 

The on-page SEO tool assesses the overall SEO of any given web page or keyword providing recommendations based on keywords and URLs. 

Price: $299/year for the Professional Plan. $699/year for the Enterprise Plan.

There’s also a free option that includes all tools, however, copying or exporting data isn’t enabled for free users


5. Semrush Site Audit Tool


SEMrush SEO audit tool is a powerhouse in the world of site audits. Performing over 120 checks and providing a high-speed crawler you’ll uncover in-depth data about your site’s overall SEO health. The tool also has the ability to crawl 20,000 pages per audit and crawl 100,000 pages with a Business subscription.

Check if each page of your site is accessible to search engine bots and that all of the pages that you don’t want to be indexed are hidden from view.

A clear and intuitive site structure is the key to a user-friendly site that’s popular with both users and crawlers.

The audit tool will check for any errors in internal, external links and redirects that might be dragging your SEO efforts down. As of 2020, the site audit report now provides visualizations about markups usage allowing one to easier identify the areas that need improvement.

The SEO audit tool also comes with some detailed resources that explain the whole process of a site audit

Price: Pro plans are $119.95/month. A Guru Plan is $229.95/month while a Business Plan is $449.95/month. There are discounts for annual billing.


6. MySiteAuditor

MySiteAuditor Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

MySiteAuditor is a unique SEO audit tool in that it can embed audit forms onto your site’s landing pages to help you generate more leads. 

The simple layout and easy to use interface makes it an easy site to navigate.

Generate audit reports that contain over 50 different SEO signs and find out how optimized each of your web pages are for any target keyword. 

Reports are easily customizable and users can add their own branding and contact information

Price: A Basic Plan is $39/month while a Pro Plan is $79/month. 

7. Copyscape

Copyscape Landing Page Snippet - Best SEO Audit Tools

Copyscape is an advanced free SEO audit tool used for checking duplicate content and plagiarism across your site. 

For more advanced checks, upgrade to a premium plan for copy-paste originality checks, private index, batch search, an API and WordPress integration. 

Ensuring your site is free from duplicate or plagiarised content is key to preventing search engines from penalising your site. 

Price: Free for a Basic Plan or $0.03 for each search of 200 words. 

8. Ahrefs


All-in-one SEO toolset Ahrefs doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its SEO audit tool. Recognizing up to 110 technical issues, anything that might damage your site’s rankings will be quickly identified and fixed. 

Detecting issues like redirects, broken links, images, and JavaScript or CSS files, Ahrefs quickly scans each individual page of your site to give you a clear picture of your current SEO status and how you can quickly and effectively boost your rankings.

Price: Lite Plans are $99/month for 1 user. Plans are priced based on the number of users and projects with a full-blown agency plan costing $999/month. Yearly plans come with discounts. 

9. Raventools

Raventools Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

Raventools specialise in top quality reports that delve deeply into the technical sides of SEO, providing suggestions for how to up your site’s SEO game. 

Find out how your site’s backlinks, social media reputation, site page speed, design and authority are either helping or hindering rankings with this SEO audit tool. 

Once you’ve completed the SEO audit, the platform helps guide your SEO research and provides optimization suggestions. Use this tool and watch as your site climbs search engine rankings. 

Price: A Small Biz Plan starts at $39/month with plans steadily increasing right up until the top tier Lead Plan costing $399. 

10. SEO Site Checkup 

SEO Site Checkup Landing Page Snippet - Best SEO Audit Tools

SEO Site Checkup is a free SEO audit tool that evaluates your site across 6 categories including security, technical SEO issues, servers, social media, mobile usability and the semantic web.

Not only giving your site a health score, SEO Site Checkup also has competitor analysis features and a strong reporting tool. 

Price: Free

11. Siteliner 

Siteliner Landing Page Snippet - Best SEO Audit Tools

Siteliner is a simple on-page SEO audit tool that’s best for identifying duplicate content and broken links. Plug in your site’s URL hit enter and Siteliner will pull up a huge amount of data to help guide your future SEO strategy

Presented in visual graphics, find out the percentage of duplicate content across your site, the average page load time and the average number of words per page. 

Price: Free

12. Google Lighthouse 

Google Lighthouse Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

Google Lighthouse audits four different components of your site:

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Performance
  • Accessibility 
  • SEO

These audit results provide you with a clear picture of the speed and usability of your site, giving you both desktop and mobile related insights. 

Sluggish or unresponsive web pages are always going to result in fewer conversions so performing a site audit every once in a while is key to getting your site up to speed to boost its performance in search engine results. 

Price: Free.

13. Screaming Frog 


Screaming Frog is an incredibly detailed SEO audit tool that’s best for picking out the finer details of your site’s SEO health. 

Technically a crawling tool, Screaming Frog reports on up to 30 different features like outlinks, meta descriptions, anchor text, security, and response time.

The platform is great to use if you’re looking to do a complete analysis all at once from a desktop application. 

If you report on up to 500 pages, Screaming Frog is free too. 

Price: Screaming Frog is free with limits or $189/year for unlimited access. 

14. Google Search Console 

Google Search Console Homepage Snippet - Best SEO Audit Tools

Blockers often create problems for your site and prevent it from ranking well. Google Search Console identifies any sitemap and indexing coverage issues that stop your site from performing well in search engine results.

Price: Free

15. DeepCrawl 

DeepCrawl Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

DeepCrawl is an in-depth reporting tool that pulls up detailed data on all of your web pages. 

Automate crawling tasks and customize each of your crawls, modifying metrics like links, web page load time, content, URL lengths, and titles.

Having your crawls on automation will limit the possibility of disruption to site performance and any loss of revenue. 

DeepCrawl is also a powerful platform for auditing your competitors’ sites based on their content, social media marketing, and site structure. 

Price: Pricing is custom according to the number of users and projects. 

16. Sitebulb 

Sitebulb Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

Desktop website crawler, Sitebulb, scours your site and offers actionable recommendations as to what needs improvement to help drive your organic traffic and rankings. 

Sitebulb essentially shows you how crawler friendly your site is, giving you an insight into how search engines view your site.

Ensuring your content can be crawled and indexed by search engines is a key part of SEO and will help boost your rankings in search engine results. 

The crawling tool will alert you to any broken internal and external links as well as faulty redirects.

Discover which pages are receiving high volumes of organic traffic, how many pages receive no traffic and which pages need an update. 

Using this SEO audit tool, you’ll gain an understanding of your site’s architecture as well as its crawl efficiency. 

Price: A Lite Plan is $13.50/month with a Pro Plan costing $35/month. 

17. Google Structured Data Testing Tool 

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

Easily test your site’s structured data with this free tool from Google. Simply paste the URL or code snippet that you want to review and the platform will run tests and advise you of any errors found in the code. 

Making sure your code has been built properly is an important part of ensuring your site shows up properly on search engine results. 

Price: Free

18. Seoptimer


Seoptimer is another SEO audit tool that’s ideal for locating any major SEO errors across your site that may be holding you back in rankings. 

The tool will give you a checklist of items you can do to improve your site’s overall performance in search results. It will also give you pointers as to how to write meta descriptions or optimize your HTML. 

Price: A DIY SEO Plan is $19/month with a White Label and Embedding Plan costing $59/month. 

19. WooRank 


WooRank’s detailed site audit will help you uncover new opportunities for improvement and optimization across your whole website. 

Dividing the report into 8 sections, WooRank evaluates current SEO strategies, usability, and social media.  View different categories of the report which include technologies, usability, local, visitors, and social. 

Price: A Pro Plan is $69.99/month while a Premium Plan costs $208/month. 

20. Nibbler

Nibbler Landing Page Snippet - Best SEO Audit Tools

Nibbler produces colour coded reports on the overall accessibility, experience, marketing and technology of your site. Find out how your site is doing in regard to its quantity of content, internal links, popularity, page titles and headings among other categories. 

A pro version can create branded reports, be exported and downloaded as well as perform competitor audits. 

Price: Free or custom pricing depending on the number of business reports required each month. 

21. Barracuda Digital’s Panguin Tool 

Barracuda Digital's Panguin Tool Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

This free SEO audit tool checks your site to see if it’s been impacted by any of Google’s algorithm updates. 

Understanding how your site may be impacted by Google updates is key to ensuring you stay ahead of the game and can make any necessary changes to keep your site performing well in search engine results. 

Price: Free

22. Ghostery 

Ghostery Sample Dashboard - Best SEO Audit Tools

When it comes to SEO you can’t ignore your competition - it’s pretty essential to know what your competing sites are up to. Chrome Extension, Ghostery, is useful for finding out which tracking tools your competitors are using to attract and convert site visitors. 

Identify both trackers and tags on your website as well as other pages to fully optimize your own site. 

Price: A Business Plan is $49/month.

23. LinkResearchTools 

LinkResearchTools Landing Page Snippet - Best SEO Audit Tools

Harness LinkResearchTools as an SEO audit tool by using different features from its four components: 

  • Recover
  • Protect
  • Learn 
  • Grow

As its name suggests, the tool specialises in link analysis (external and internal) across your site. Determine if your domain is at risk and audit each of your backlinks, deciding which ones to disavow, or maintain.  

Discover if your site has suffered a Google Penalty and take the right steps to recover from it. Equally, protect your site from any negative SEO attacks while fixing any technical SEO problems.

Automate the detection of issues so that your site remains completely free from SEO errors and glitches. Receive weekly recommendations from the SEO advisory feature that’s regularly updated according to Google algorithm updates. 

Price: A Superhero Small Plan is $499/month while a top of the range Superhero Ultra Plan is $2,299/month. 

24. Sitechecker


SiteChecker is a cloud-based web crawler that allows you to identify any technical SEO issues facing your websites.

The platform also provides a wide range of other SEO features, such as rank tracking, site monitoring, and backlink analysis. This way, you can get a complete picture of your website's SEO health in just minutes.

Key Features:

  • SiteChecker gives you more control while performing your SEO audits than many other programs. For example, you can schedule crawls in advance and filter out certain types of pages from the audit.
  • Once we complete an audit, you will not only receive a site score, but also an in-depth list of problems at both the site and page levels.
  • You'll be alerted by email of any critical issues with your site, so you can act fast and make the necessary changes.
  • SiteChecker also monitors your performance every day and adds updates to your to-do list to address.
  • Another great part of SiteChecker is its extensive how-to guides. You can use these to learn how to fix any of the issues affecting your site.

Price: SiteChecker is a paid SEO audit software. It comes with three plans:

  • Basic: $29 per month
  • Standard: $49 per month
  • Premium: $99 per month

You can test-run our platform for 7 days with a free trial, and reap the following benefits: auditing an unlimited number of sites, local rank tracking, 24/7 site monitoring, daily rank tracking, and backlink tracking.

Final Thoughts on SEO Audit Tools

SEO audits can seem like tedious, time consuming and complex tasks, however they needn’t be. Use these powerful SEO audit tools to gain detailed insight into your site’s current SEO state

Find out what needs to be done to improve your SEO strategy so that you increase your organic traffic and climb search rankings.