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December 30, 2022
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Nobody makes it easier to collect, manage and share digital content from anywhere. A simple yet powerful digital asset management solution, Canto has helped thousands of brands take control of their content libraries and get more out of their digital assets. A CENTRAL LOCATION FOR ALL YOUR DIGITAL ASSETS No more digging through folders and hunting down files. Canto is a hub for all your digital content – so your photos, videos and other digital assets are always right where you need them. COLLECT AND SHARE DIGITAL CONTENT WITH ANYONE Manage the flow of assets in and out of your organization’s library. Upload links make it easy to add content to your library, and unlimited sharing portals allow you to deliver polished, curated collections to any audience. FIND WHAT YOU NEED FASTER IN CANTO Unlike other digital asset management tools, you can organize your content however you like. But you don’t need to dig through folders to find what you need. With advanced features like smart tags and facial recognition, your entire library is fully searchable. COLLABORATE SEAMLESSLY WITH CANTO Easily share assets with other teams, external partners and collaborators anywhere in the world. Flexible permissions ensure everyone can access everything they need – and nothing they shouldn’t. PROTECT YOUR BRAND Approval features keep you in control of what content goes out into the world. Avoid embarrassing mix-ups with version controls and expiration dates, and mitigate business risks with digital rights management tools. A TOOL THAT FITS YOUR TEAM With lots of configuration options, Canto adapts to how your team works. Plus, out-of-the box integrations snap into the tools you already use – including Slack, Microsoft, Adobe Creative Cloud and many more. FULL VIDEO COMPATIBILITY Canto has a whole host of features designed just for video – including full video previews, timestamped annotations and smart tags, 360° video support, and trimming features to extract just the excerpts you need. Learn more at canto.com/

Pricing Plans


<h5>$9/mo - Paid Yearly</h5>

<ul><li>Unlimited Sending</li><li>Email Marketing</li><li>Send Newsletters</li><li>Subscription Forms</li><li>Marketing Automation</li><li>Chat & Email Support</li><li>Up to 3 Users</li></ul>


<h5>$49/mo - Paid Yearly</h5>

<ul><li>Everything from Lite</li><li>CRM with Sales Automation</li><li>Landing Pages</li><li>Facebook Custom Audiences</li><li>Lead & Contact Scoring</li><li>Integrations</li><li>SMS Marketing</li><li>Dynamic Content</li><li>Customer User Permissions</li><li>Up to 25 Users</li></ul>


<h5>$129/mo - Paid Yearly</h5>

<ul><li>Everything from Plus</li><li>Predictive Sending with Machine Learning</li><li>Predictive Content with Machine Learning</li><li>Customer Attribution & Path to Purchase</li><li>Conversion Attribution Reporting</li><li>Split Automations</li><li>Site Messaging</li><li>In-Depth Onboarding Consultation</li><li>Automation Strategy Consultation</li><li>3 One-on-One Training Sessions/mo</li><li>Up to 50 Users</li></ul>


<h5>$229/mo - Paid Yearly</h5>

<ul><li>Everything from Professional</li><li>Custom Reporting (Beta)</li><li>Custom Mailserver Domain</li><li>Custom Domain</li><li>Dedicated Account Rep</li><li>Free Design Services</li><li>Free Social Data</li><li>Phone Support</li><li>Uptime SLA</li><li>Unlimited Users</li></ul>

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