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April 18, 2023
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Shine a light on the digital world with Similarweb. The platform that helps business leaders, analysts, and marketers easily discover the best opportunities, identify potential threats, and make business-critical decisions to grow website traffic and revenue. Our easy-to-use Digital Marketing and Research Intelligence products help you define your strategy and win more market share efficiently. Outpace your competition and industry by benchmarking your digital performance against competitors and market leaders, analyzing trends and consumer behavior, and gaining visibility into your competitors’ online marketing strategy. You can even spot which keywords, partners, affiliates, creatives, ad networks, and content are performing best.

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<ul><li>Basic Traffic Overview</li></ul>



<ul><li>Marketing Channels Overview</li><li>Traffic & Engagement per channel</li><li>Keyword Analysis </li><li>Keyword Generator</li><li>Competitor Keyword Opportunities</li><li>Partner Finder </li><li>Competitor Referral Opportunities</li><li>Search & Product (PLA) Ads </li><li>Creatives & Video Ads</li><li>Audience Insights</li><li>Category Analysis</li><li>Custom Dashboards</li><li>Download to Excel & PNG</li><li>API Access</li><li>Dedicated Account Management</li><li>24/7 Support</li></ul>



<ul><li>A custom solution to fit the marketing needs of your business. for Website Funnel Analysis, Website Segments Analysis, Up to 37 Months of Data, Advisory Services, and other capabilities upon request.</li></ul>

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