LSI Keywords


What Are LSI Keywords? 

LSI keywords are search terms related to the main keyword you are targeting in your content (In terms of SEO). They add more context to make it easy for both users and search engines to know what your content is about.

Search engines use LSI to identify the context of your content along with the synonyms related to your keywords. LSI keywords aren’t synonyms but are words that are often found together because they have the same context. 

Based on several mathematical equations, search engines use LSI to group text and content into topic categories. 

Why Do Search Engines Use LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords help search engines get a better understanding of the meaning of a search query.

Instead of concentrating on single keywords, Google looks at the whole context and meaning of a web page. This helps match users with search results that are more relevant to their queries. 

For example, take the word ‘notebook’. This could relate to a notebook laptop, a paper notebook, or the 2004 film, ‘The Notebook’. 

By identifying words within the content like computer, paper, or Rachel McAdams, Google is able to pull up the most relevant results for the search query. 

Notebook Related Search Terms - Lsi keywords

How To Create LSI Keywords

While there are paid LSI keyword generators available, you don’t need to pay for a subscription to identify the best keywords for your website. 

LSI Graph is a free LSI keyword generator. Enter your seed keyword into the search bar and the tool will pull up a list of relevant keywords. 

Niche Laboratory gives you LSI keyword suggestions and also provides an insight into competitors’ top-performing keywords. 

Google Autocomplete is the simplest and fastest way of finding LSI keywords. Enter a main keyword in the Google search bar and Google will instantly generate a list of matching keywords or phrases. 

Where To Use LSI Keywords

Add LSI keywords throughout your web pages, always ensuring the usage sounds natural and appropriate.

You can substitute the LSI keywords that are synonyms for your main keyword to avoid repeating the same words.

Why Are LSI Keywords Important? 

LSI keywords improve both your site’s SEO and user experience. Consider including them in your content for these advantages. 

1. Help Your Site Rank Better for Related Searches

LSI keywords will ensure your site ranks for semantically related searches as opposed to just your target keyword

2. Increase Your Conversions by Helping Your Business Rank for Keywords with Less Competition

Using semantically related keywords helps put your website in front of a larger audience than if you just use target keywords. 

3. Make Your Use of Language More Natural

Using a variety of LSI keywords instead of repeating the same keywords over and over throughout your content will ensure your content sounds authentic and flows well. 

Using the same keywords repeatedly can result in harmful keyword stuffing which is another reason to use a variety of keywords. 

4. Keep visitors on your site 

Incorporating LSI keywords throughout your content helps improve dwell time and reduce bounce rate by ensuring your site doesn’t rank for the wrong terms. 

How Can We Help? 

Overwhelmed at the thought of keyword research and building in LSI keywords into your content efforts? We can help you come up with a relevant content strategy to boost your site in the SERPs.