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June 17, 2024
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Heap is the only digital insights platform that gives you complete understanding of your customers’ digital journeys, so you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight. - Improve customer experience: Pinpoint exactly where users are struggling and quickly make improvements to the customer experience, ensuring an intuitive, enjoyable user experience. - Speed time-to-market and optimize the impact of product and business teams: Rather than relying purely on gut instinct, leverage digital engagement data to test hypotheses and answer questions as they arise. With data-driven insights, confidently bring new features & experiences to market. - Build increasingly valuable features and experiences: Leverage data to build consensus on engineering investments that can be clearly tied to business outcomes. -Understand the full user journey: With native session replay, a complete data foundation, and automated data science, only Heap can surface the insights teams need to win. Over 8,000 businesses use Heap to drive business impact by delivering better experiences and better products. Customers include companies in B2B SaaS, eCommerce, and Financial Services such as Twilio, Logitech, Snapfish, Eventbrite, Esurance, Northwestern Mutual, and e*Trade.

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<ul><li>Up to 10,000 sessions/month</li><li>1 Project</li><li>Unlimited user licenses</li><li>Autocaptured events</li><li>Connect two sources</li><li>Data Dictionary</li><li>Standard analysis</li></ul>


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<ul><li>All Free features, plus</li><li>Up to 300k sessions/year</li><li>CSV Export</li></ul>


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<ul><li>All Growth features, plus</li><li>Custom sessions</li><li>3 Projects</li><li>Access to all add-ons (Activate, Connect, Report Alerts, Advanced Governance)</li><li>Account-based analysis</li><li>Single Sign-On</li><li>Two-Factor Authentication</li><li>All Sources</li></ul>


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<ul><li>Drive agile collaboration across your organization</li><li>Unlimited projects</li><li>Heap Connect</li><li>Heap Activate</li><li>Advanced Governance</li><li>Report Alerts</li><li>Premier support</li></ul>

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