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January 7, 2023
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FullStory is a trusted Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform that combines rich product analytics, robust session detail, and collaboration tools to deliver real-time insights that uncover opportunities on web and mobile experiences. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH FULLSTORY: - Proactively understand what is happening on your website, digital products, and mobile app with the industry’s most complete digital experience data. - Discover why things are happening with qualitative information from robust session details. - Collaborate with tools designed to streamline workflow, share information, and drive meaningful action across UX, engineering, and product teams. - Better understand customer engagement, analyze behavioral data, identify opportunities for conversion, and creating impactful digital experiences. Brands using FullStory increase revenue through better conversion rates, improved organizational efficiency, and boosted customer growth and retention.

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<ul><li>Session Replay</li><li>OmniSearch</li><li>Frustration Signals</li><li>User Trends</li><li>Dev Tools</li></ul>


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<ul><li>100% tagless autocapture </li><li>Private and sensitive data excluded by default </li><li>Retroactive data history </li><li>Frustration signals </li><li>User trends </li><li>User segmentation </li><li>Event funnels </li><li>Customizable dashboards </li><li>Page flow analysis </li><li>Pixel-perfect session recreation </li><li>Heatmaps </li><li>Scroll maps </li><li>Click maps </li><li>Dev tools </li><li>Omnisearch </li><li>Co-browsing </li><li>Session notes </li><li>Shareable session links </li><li>Replay retention (Starting at 1 month) </li><li>Analytics data retention (Starting at 1 year) </li><li>Integrations </li><li>Webhooks </li><li>Security compliance </li><li>Persistent data encryption using AES-128 standards </li><li>Restriction by IPA </li><li>Restriction by User Agent </li><li>Restriction by location </li><li>Consent API </li><li>FS.Identify API </li></ul>


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<ul><li>All features of FullStory Business</li><li>Watched elements </li><li>Journey mapping </li><li>Conversions analysis </li><li>Real-time alerts </li><li>Data export </li><li>Multi-organization management*</li><li>Role-based access control ents</li><li>Single Sign-On </li></ul>

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