Auto Generated Content

Auto Generated content is content that is created programmatically, for bots, with the intention to manipulate SERP ranking. This is a black hat SEO technique.
Auto Generated Content

What Are Some Examples of Auto Generated Content?

Google has listed a few examples of what they consider auto generated content. These examples include:

  • Content that has been translated automatically by a machine without being reviewed by a human eye prior to publishing
  • Bringing together content from a range of sources and publishing it without making it unique or different to its original form
  • Content that is generated automatically from scraping RSS 
  • ‘Markov chain’ generated content

Why Is Auto Generated Content Bad?

Google values content that useful, original and unique, in order to provide a good UX (User Experience). Auto generated content conversely provides end users with a poor UX. 

This is because it usually contains recycled information that is robotic and difficult to read. Additionally, most of the time this content is low quality and not optimized with keywords.

Therefore, while websites may use auto generated methods to pad out thin content and boost ranking in SERPs, it will in fact have the opposite effect. 

If a searcher is unimpressed by your content, and finds it lacking, they are unlikely to stay on your website, which means a higher bounce rate and less dwell time.

What Will Happen If You Use Auto Generated Content?

Using auto generated content will land you in trouble with Google’s Panda algorithm which tackles low-quality content.

When this happens, a website is penalised on a domain level, which leads to a significant drop in ranking on SERPs, which means less traffic to the website. 

How Can You Avoid Using Auto Generated Content?

Don’t be lured in by auto generated content as a quick fix. Instead utilize white hat SEO techniques to create high-quality and valuable content.

1.Create High-Quality and Valuable Content

Focus on creating content for the user, not bots. Fill your pages with well researched content that provides useful information to the searcher.

Quality is more important than quantity, remember this.

Produce content that is error free and has a high readability score to ensure it is accessible to a broad audience.

2.Create Original Content

Zone in on what makes you different from your competitors. What is your brand?

Capitalise on this and embrace your originality.

Can you provide a different perspective to a well-known topic?

What is your unique selling point?

3. Create Content With Targeted Keywords

Websites with great content have conducted in-depth audience research, topic research and keyword research and incorporated targeted keywords into their content.

This technique will ensure that you are reaching the right audience and will help you rank higher in SERPs for your niche.

4. Make Your Content Visually Appealing 

Searchers are more likely to engage with a site’s content if it is aesthetically attractive.

Incorporate images and video into your content to improve its appearance and professionalism.

Don’t forget to optimize your images and include image alt tags so they are easier to crawl.

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