Rich Results


What Are Rich Results? 

Rich results are the cards and snippets that improve search results with images, reviews, ratings and other similar information from your site. 

Rich results make sites stand out in often identical-looking SERPs and help users find what they’re looking for more easily. 

Setting up your site to include rich results is an important part of optimising your business’s performance in search results.

Why Are Rich Results Important? 

Rich results help underline key information and help ensure search engines understand a page’s purpose. 

Located at the top of the results page, rich results occupy position zero above text results and usually attract a lot of attention. 

Presented as boxes, usually with an image and rating they’re much easier for users to identify. 

Often with a carousel-style design, users can easily swipe through and obtain a few quick answers to their query. 

screenshot google search results chocolate brownies rich results

Users love the visual, easy to digest appearance of rich results, and usually click on them generating high CTRs which search engines love and reward. Having your site show up in rich results will then ultimately boost your rankings. 

Rich results also show up immediately when using voice search. The featured snippets appearing in position zero are read aloud when devices use voice search. 

How to Obtain Rich Results 

You can mark up rich results in several different ways, using a coding language called schema. 

1. Build your code using the Google Markup Helper and add the code to Google Tag Manager to finish. There are also schema plugins for platforms like WordPress. 2. Use

2. Google’s Rich Results Test Tool to review URLs and find out which rich results your pages may be eligible for. The tool also highlights any errors in your code before previewing how your rich result will appear on both desktop and mobile. 

3. Use Google Search Console to see your site’s complete rich results profile as opposed to page by page. 

How to Optimise for Rich Results

1. Offer Partial Information to Get a Higher CTR

Don’t give away the answer to the search query immediately in the rich results box. Entice users by providing part of the answer giving away the rest of it when users read the article. 

2. Make Your On-Site Experience Top Quality

Reward users who click through to your site a high-quality experience with fast loading pages, up to date information, in-stock products, and intuitive user experience

3. Produce Content in a Layout Search Engines Prefer 

If you’re set on a particular rich result, ensure the format of your content matches what has already been ranking. Think about whether a long-form article or a listicle will fit best. 

4. Build Up Reviews

Reviews and ratings are usually included in rich results and are a great way to boost your site’s chances of appearing. 

Positive reviews will make your site appear trustworthy to users.

screenshot google restaurant reviews rich results

5. Optimise Your Site With SEO Best Practices 

Optimising for rich results isn’t enough to land in position zero, you also need to make sure your site follows SEO guidelines for optimal results. 

How Can We Help? 

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