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What Is a Quality Score?

Your quality score is a measure of the quality of an advert placed on the Google AdWords platform in relation to other adverts and keywords.

The higher your quality score, the more relevant Google considers your advert to be.

Why Does Your Quality Score Matter?

A lot of factors go into determining ad placement. Having money to spend doesn't guarantee Google will place your ads. 

Your quality score is one of the key factors in determining ad placement. 

From Google's perspective, your quality score is a measure of the relevance of your ads to search queries.

This means there's a direct correlation between quality score and the success of your ad campaigns.

A higher quality score provides better ROI for advertisers because it guarantees better ad placement in the SERPs

This ultimately leads to a better click-through rate, lower cost per click and cheaper cost per conversion

How Does Google Determine Quality Score?

Google uses several factors to determine quality score. These include: 

  • Historical performance of your Adwords account
  • Ad copy relevance
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Keyword relevance
  • Quality of landing pages
  • User experience

The exact weight each of these factors carry is unknown so pay attention to all of them.

How Can You Improve Your Quality Score?

Now that you know the importance of quality score to the success of your ad campaigns, it is important you consistently work at keeping your score high.

Here are a couple of things you can do to improve your quality score.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step to improving your quality score. You should research the most relevant keywords to target. 

If you find out the intent behind these searches, you’re then able to figure out other word combinations individuals are using to target this intent.

2. Write High-Quality Ad Copy

The quality of your ad copy has a direct effect on your quality score. 

By writing great copy for your ads, you can be certain that your quality score will go up.

3. Create Relevant Landing Pages

Your landing page is the first place your visitors land when they click through your ads. 

By ensuring your landing pages provide the best experience for visitors, they are more likely to convert which will eventually increase your quality score.

4. Reduce Ad Group Size 

Sometimes, making your ad group smaller can be the key to improving your quality score. 

It’s not likely you’ll find 20 relevant keywords for your ad group every time. 

The focus should be on the quality and relevance of your keywords and not the quantity.

5. Use Negative Keywords

By excluding negative keywords, people that you don't want to target don't end up seeing your ads. 

This helps improve your click-through rate and ultimately your quality score.

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