Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a process that allows software to automate often repetitive marketing tasks. Many marketers automate activities including social media posting, and scheduled email send-outs.

Marketing departments of companies use this process to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and also maximize efficiency.

Why Is Marketing Automation Important? 

Marketing automation helps your business work at its most efficient and productive levels. Your team will have more time to dedicate to more pressing tasks if other simpler more time-consuming tasks can be automated. 

5 Benefits Of Leveraging Marketing Automation

There are a few key advantages of using marketing automation in your business. 

1. Target a Specific Target Audience 

Automating marketing tasks enables you to target specific demographics of people. You could target people based on their location, preferences, age-range, and purchase history. This means you reach the right people at the optimum time. 

2. Build Your Brand and Improve Your Conversion Rate

Allowing software to take care of time-consuming repetitive tasks means more time for building your branding strategy and improving your business’s overall conversion rate. 

3. Boost Your Customer Loyalty 

Automating marketing tasks helps you understand your customers. More customer interactions mean you’ll have a better knowledge of what your target consumers want. Advanced tracking provides you with more details on which strategies are most effective.

4. Save Time and Resources

Marketing automation helps you save time and make your marketing budget stretch further. If your team isn’t consistently caught up doing the same tedious activities they’ll have more scope for developing strategies and other creative tasks. 

Saving time ultimately provides a boost to your bottom line. 

5. Improve Your Marketing ROI

By linking your marketing automation to a tracking service, you’ll be able to accurately view your marketing ROI without having to guess. 

Essential Marketing Automation Tools

Effective marketing automation is dependent on choosing the right tools for your business and its marketing goals.

Here are some of the essential tools:

Other tools include: Mailchimp, Later, AdRoll, Pardot, etc.

How Do You Leverage Marketing Automation? 

Follow a few simple steps to effectively apply marketing automation to your business. 

1. Work Out Your Marketing Goals

Gather all the available data you have on your current marketing strategies and think about what you want to achieve with marketing automation. Do you want more targeted leads? Do you want more newsletter subscribers? 

You can use the original data to measure the success of your automated marketing campaigns. 

2. Make Your Audience Segments Specific

Marketing automation is most powerful when it’s highly targeted. Segmenting your audience is key to reaching the right people with the right campaigns. 

Spend time thinking about whether you want to segment based on categories like location, interests, or age ranges. This is particularly relevant if your business has different services that may appeal to different segments. 

3. Test Your Strategy 

Consistently monitor your campaigns with A/B testing so they’re at their most efficient. Test different posting times, language style and messaging. 

How Can We Help? 

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