Email Outreach

What Is Email Outreach?

Email Outreach is the activity of creating and sending email marketing campaigns to specific individuals to get them to take a positive action.

When Would You Use Email Outreach?

People use outreach emails for a lot of purposes. They can be used to build new relationships, generate leads for companies, reach out to influencers, find investors and a lot more.

This is why people spend time and effort in making their outreach emails great. They can be very useful when done right.

How to Write an Outreach Email That Gets A Response

Sending an outreach email means you’re convincing someone that even though they don’t know you, you’re worth their time.

The average office worker receives about 121 emails daily. This includes emails from contacts they actually know, promotional messages, and cold emails from other people. This means the competition is tough.

With this in mind, it is important that your email stands out for your prospective client or customer to consider reading it.

Here are a few things you can do to maximise your impact.

1. Create an Interesting Subject Line

The first thing to nail when writing an outreach email is your “subject line”. 

The subject is the first thing your recipients see when they receive your email. Whether or not they’ll open it heavily depends on your subject. 

You might have a great email but if your email isn’t opened, they won’t see it. This is why subject lines are so important.

Keep your subject lines short, straight to the point, and casual. Also, avoid the pushy sales approach as prospects are less likely to open them if they feel pressured from the get-go.

2. Get Personal

The next thing is to personalise your emails

There’s something lacklustre about receiving an email that feels like it was sent to 100 other people. 

Users can easily tell when an email wasn’t intended specifically for them. An outreach email that isn’t personalised for the recipient is not likely to get a response.

Spend some time to research about the person you’re contacting. Find out information like their names, their company, their work, and their achievements.

Use this information to customise your emails so your prospects know you mean to contact them specifically and not like they are part of a random automated email list.

3. Get To The Point

The final thing is to be specific in your request

People generally don’t have a lot of time; and most people make the mistake of assuming the recipient will know what to do after they read their outreach email. 

This is not always correct.

You have to be specific in your ask. Do you need them to: 

  • book a call with you
  • share your article
  • respond to the email 
  • or link back to your website

Don’t be afraid to tell them directly so they don’t end up at a loose end after your email and do nothing.

Email Outreach Tools to Streamline Your Campaigns

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you organise your outreach campaigns. 

It can be overwhelming with all the research and customisation that goes into creating a great outreach email.

These tools can help streamline the process:

Other tools include: Buzzstream - Prospect research, Mailshake -  Outreach email sending software, Rebump - Mail follow up, HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension - Mail tracking and follow up etc.

How Can We Help?

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