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April 16, 2023
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$29/mo - $699/mo per employee

Oyster allows companies to compliantly hire in 180+ countries. Integrate hiring, onboarding, managing and paying employees in a single platform and solve your HR needs.

Pricing Plans


Starts at $29/mo per contractor

An all-in-one solution to quickly generate contracts, set up global payments, and streamline contractor management:

  • Hire contractors in 180+ countries
  • Draft, edit, and sign compliant contracts in minutes
  • Process invoices and pay contractors in 120+ currencies
  • Reduce risk with IP protection
  • Care for your contractors through time off, expenses, and benefits management


Starts at $599/mo per employee

A global employer of record and end-to-end full-time employee management solution to help you compliantly onboard, pay, and care for global teams:

  • Compliantly hire full-time talent in 130+ countries
  • Reduce time-to-hire through automations and pre-built templates
  • Manage international payroll and taxes in 120+ currencies with a fully-compliant solution
  • Offer attractive, local benefit packages and manage time-off in-app
  • Receive country-specific guidance and access knowledge centers
  • Reduce risk with unmatched IP protection
  • Integrate data and workflows into your existing HR tech stack

*Prices vary by country


Custom Pricing

Customized global employment support, dedicated success managers, and cost savings for large and growing global teams.

Includes everything in Employee, plus:

  • Pre-purchase seats to engage 5+ global Team Members and get the best value from Oyster
  • Rely on a dedicated hiring and customer success team to support your global needs
  • Receive customized guidance and HR support to navigate complex and multinational employment
  • Unlock faster time-to-hire through batch management
  • Gain exclusive access to new Oyster offerings

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