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December 30, 2022
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Stella Connect by Medallia is the first platform that connects customer feedback, QA, and coaching, giving CX leaders visibility into performance and driving improvement of frontline teams. Create a motivated and engaged work-from-anywhere team that brings a human touch to every customer interaction. Gain Visibility into Performance: Whether your service center is remote, co-located, operated internally, or you work with BPOs, easily access insights to understand how your entire service organization is performing. Quickly identify positive and negative trends across your team, highlight top and bottom performers, and spotlight opportunities for in-the-moment coaching. Engage and Motivate Your Team, No Matter Where They Sit: It’s undeniable that employee engagement drives performance. Stella Connect helps you better understand what motivates your top performing agents and optimize the agent experience. Also, agents get direct access to their real-time customer feedback, which motivates them to bring their “A” game to every customer interaction. Drive Efficiency and Improvement: Stella Connect helps drive efficiency and performance improvements for your front-line team. Stella Connect connects customer feedback to coaching and QA in one easy-to-use platform. This allows teams to eliminate point solutions, and reduces the time and effort traditionally required to coach and manage a team of agents.

Pricing Plans

<h4>Support Only (Team)</h4>

<h5>$19 agent/month/billed annually</h5>

<ul><li>Email & social media </li><li>Web widget & mobile SDK</li><li>Pre-defined business rules</li><li>Essentials card</li><li>Interaction history</li></ul>

<h4>Suite Team</h4>

<h5>$49 per agent/month billed annually</h5>

<ul><li>Industry-leading ticketing system</li><li>Messaging across web, mobile and social</li><li>Email, voice, SMS, and live chat support</li><li>Help center - SINGLE</li><li>Easy-to-set up automations & workflows</li><li>AI-powered automated answers - UP TO 50</li><li>Unified agent workspace</li><li>Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics</li><li>Data and file storage - STANDARD</li><li>1,000+ apps and integrations - PREBUILT</li><li>Robust APIs - STANDARD RATE LIMIT</li><li>Online, email, and phone support from the Zendesk team</li><li>Onboarding and adoption guidance</li></ul>

<h4>Suite Growth</h4>

<h5>$79 per agent/month billed annually</h5>

<ul><li>All the features of Suite Team, PLUS</li><li>Self-service customer portal</li><li>AI-powered knowledge management</li><li>Customizable ticket layouts</li><li>Light access licenses - UP TO 50</li><li>Service Level Agreement (SLA) management</li><li>Multilingual support and content</li></ul>

<h4>Suite Pro</h4>

<h5>$99 per agent/month billed annually</h5>

<ul><li>All the features included in Suite Growth, PLUS</li><li>Conversation routing based on agent skill</li><li>Integrated community forums</li><li>Private conversation threads</li><li>Customizable and shareable dashboards</li><li>Advanced voice capabilities</li><li>HIPAA compliance</li><li>Events Connector for Amazon Web Services</li></ul>

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