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January 7, 2023
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The early bird gets the sale. Filter, match and route leads to the right salesperson instantaneously. Close more deals. LeadAngel is a B2B Lead Management platform, including Lead to Account Matching and Routing. Fast, Reliable, and Customizable Operations works with Salesforce CRM and others. APIs available to route and match leads. LeadAngel helps businesses, organizations, and enterprises to improve sales process to close more deals, faster. The software offers lead routing, lead matching, fuzzy matching, lead deduplication, account based marketing strategies and detailed reporting. Matching is very customizable and extremely fast.

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<ul><li>Lead to Account Matching</li></ul>


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<ul><li>Lead to Account Matching</li><li>Lead Routing</li><li>Advanced Match rules Customization</li><li>Contact Routing</li><li>Account Routing</li><li>Opportunity Routing</li><li>Data Dedupe and Cleanup</li><li>API Access</li></ul>

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