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December 30, 2022
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Image Relay. All your digital assets. All your product information. All in one place. Meet Marketing Delivery: the world’s first fully integrated marketing solution. Finally, all your digital assets and product information in one place for fast, seamless creation and delivery. No more chaos. Just your stories, your products, and limitless growth for your business.

Pricing Plans

<h4>Bloomreach Content</h4>

<ul><li>Add & Arrange Products</li><li>Personalize Content & Products</li><li>Schedule Pages & Campaigns</li><li>Integrate with your commerce system</li><li>Save time and development costs</li><li>Set up a new store or microsite faster with pre-built integrations to blazingly fast PWA storefronts like Vue Storefront, React Storefront, SAP Spartacus and more.</li><li>Bloomreach Content is a fully SaaS-based, API-first platform.</li></ul>

<h4>Bloomreach Engagement</h4>

<ul><li>Single Customer View</li><li>Real-Time Analytics</li><li>Advanced Segmentation</li><li>Predictive Insights</li><li>Retargeting Audiences</li><li>Integrations</li><li>Omni-Channel Execution</li><li>Behavioral Triggering</li><li>Advanced Personalization</li><li>Predictive Campaigns</li><li>Web Optimization</li><li>Multivariate Testing</li><li>Artificial Intelligence</li><li>Email Marketing</li><li>Customer Journey Management</li></ul>

<h4>Bloomreach Discovery</h4>

<ul><li>Semantic Understanding, Synonym Database</li><li>1:1 and Segment-based Personalization</li><li>Customizable Algorithms</li><li>Optimizing your site for long-tail queries.</li><li>Improve Discoverability - drive more organic traffic to your site.</li><li>Relevant Seamless Experience</li><li>Customize to Your Unique Goals</li><li>Informed by Your Product Preferences</li><li>Drag and drop widgets</li><li>A/B tests and powerful analytics for the best results</li><li>Bloomreach’s intelligent index, including search intent and filter behavior.</li><li>Intuitive Merchandising Tools - Powerful multi-site functionality</li><li>Customizable Algorithms</li><li>Actionable Insights</li><li>Role-based analytics</li><li>An “insight to action” flow</li><li>A dashboard</li><li>Query-Driven RPV</li><li>Autosuggest</li></ul>

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