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December 30, 2022
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Collibra is the Data Intelligence company. We accelerate trusted business outcomes by connecting the right data, insights and algorithms to all Data Citizens. Our cloud-based platform connects IT and the business to build a data-driven culture for the digital enterprise. Global organizations choose Collibra to unlock the value of their data and turn it into a strategic, competitive asset. We have a diverse global footprint, with offices in the U.S., Belgium, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Poland and the U.K. For more information, visit collibra.com.

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<ul><li>Email ticketing</li><li>Knowledge Base</li><li>Team collaboration</li><li>Knowledge base</li><li>Ticket trend report</li><li>Ticket Dispatch</li><li>Social Ticketing</li><li>Data Center Location</li></ul>



<ul><li>Automations</li><li>SLA & Business Hour</li><li>Agent Collision</li><li>Apps</li><li>Helpdesk In - Depth</li><li>Custom Email Server</li><li>Custom Ticket Views</li><li>Ticket Fields & Status</li><li>Custom Fields</li><li>Custom SSL</li></ul>



<ul><li>Multi-Product</li><li>Custom roles</li><li>Team Dashboards</li><li>Customer Segments</li><li>Multiple SLAs and timezones</li><li>Next Response SLA</li><li>Shared ownership</li><li>Extendable API Limits</li><li>Knowledge Base Versioning</li><li>Custom Apps</li></ul>

<h4>Omnichannel Growth</h4>


<ul><li>WhatsApp Business</li><li>Chatbot Analytics</li><li>Industry Bot Templates</li></ul>

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