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January 7, 2023
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Apollo is an all-in-one sales intelligence platform with tools to help you prospect, engage, and drive more revenue. Sellers and marketers use Apollo to discover more customers in market, connect with contacts, and establish a modern go-to-market strategy.

Pricing Plans

<h4>Free</h4><h5>$0.00 1 user/mo</h5><ul><li>Basic Sequence Automation (2 Sequence Limit)</li><li>LinkedIn Extension</li><li>Gmail Extension</li><li>Email Open, Click, Reply & Meeting Tracking</li><li>Basic Filters</li><li>HubSpot & Salesforce Integration (Pull Only)</li><li>Outreach & SalesLoft Integration</li><li>Zapier Integration</li><li>Limited API Access</li><li>CSV Export</li></ul>

<h4>Basic</h4><h5>$49.00 1 user/mo</h5><ul><li>No Sequence Limit</li><li>Uncapped Sending Limits with Sendgrid </li><li>Advanced Filters </li><li>Advanced Reports & Dashboards (Pre-Built) </li><li>Integration with All Email Providers </li><li>Custom Fields Opportunities </li><li>Rules Engine Process Builder </li><li>Advanced Salesforce & HubSpot Integration (Bi-Directional)</li></ul>

<h4>Professional</h4><h5>$99.00 1 user/mo</h5><ul><li>A/B Testing </li><li>Manual Tasks </li><li>Dialer </li><li>Call Recordings</li><li> Custom Stages</li></ul>

<h5>Starts at $5K/yr</h5>
<ul><li>Select 10,000 Records at a Time </li><li>Data Enrichment & Job Changes </li><li>Call Transcriptions, International Dialing & Local Presence </li><li>Customizable Reports </li><li>Permission Profiles </li><li>Advanced API Access</li><li>Onboarding & Customer Success Manager</li></ul>

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