Search Quality Evaluator


Who Is a Search Quality Evaluator? 

Search quality evaluators are people who evaluate Google search results. Occasionally irrelevant search results pop up for search queries and it requires a human eye to view the results and judge them for relevancy, quality, and usefulness.

What Do Google Search Quality Evaluators Do? 

Google employs around 10,000 search quality evaluators worldwide to monitor its search results. Evaluators are given actual searches to perform taken from real Google searches. 

They then evaluate the quality of the web pages appearing in the top results. Search quality evaluators are based all over the world and help categorise information to improve Google’s servers. Evaluators may point out what language a page is written in or what’s the most important information.

Search quality evaluators can’t directly modify Google’s search results. Even if an evaluator marks a particular listing as low quality, it won’t cause that page to be banned or lose ranking. 

Data generated by search quality evaluators is used to improve Google’s algorithms. Over a long period of time, search quality evaluators may impact low-quality pages that are consistently noticed by them. 

How Do You Become a Search Quality Evaluator? 

Google has multiple testing stages in place for those interested in becoming a search quality evaluator. The exact testing stages and procedures are kept under wraps by Google, however, it’s not an easy feat to pass each phase. 

New search quality evaluators must learn all of Google’s extensive guidelines before they begin rating search results. Once guidelines are learnt, this contractor work can become a flexible well-paid work from home gig. Although wages aren’t directly disclosed by Google, it’s thought that search quality evaluators earn well above minimum wage. 

To become a search quality evaluator, users can apply through work at home job sites like Appen. 

How Does Google Collect Data From Search Quality Evaluators? 

Google uses results from search quality evaluators to gather data in several different ways. 

Search Quality Tests

Third-party search quality evaluators continually monitor the quality of search results. Evaluators decide the quality of results based on the trustworthiness and authority of the site as well as evaluating if the site gives visitors what they are looking for. While this process doesn’t directly impact rankings, it helps Google benchmark the quality of results. 

Side-by-Side Experiments 

In side-by-side experiments, evaluators are presented with two different search results, one with the proposed change already incorporated and one without. Google then asks evaluators which one they prefer and why. 

How Can Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines Help Your Site? 

Google’s 168-page Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines document gives users an insight into what exactly Google is looking for from content. 

While having a search quality evaluator visit your site doesn’t necessarily mean that your rankings will change, it’s important to understand Google’s criteria.

Meeting it will ultimately help your site match up with the search engine’s idea of highly relevant, authoritative content that will ultimately perform well in the SERPs. 

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