Schema Markup


What Is Schema Markup?

A schema markup is a kind of structured data that informs crawlers about the content of a website and what it means. You can use schema markup to help search engines and social & content platforms find the information they need and understand what is the best place to show this information.

Why Should You Use Schema Markup?

Schema markup is important because they detail the meaning of the content on a web page.

They reveal vital information about the services a website provides, as well as other important information, to the searcher. This enhances UX (User Experience) as well as improving a website’s visibility.

While it is not directly a ranking factor, a schema markup can effectively improve rich snippets, which in turn lead to better ranking in SERPs.

What Are the Different Types of Schema Markup?

There are quite a few different types of schema markups. A few of these include:

1. Organizational Schema Markup

An organizational schema markup gives a brief description of all the vital pieces of company information a website has. This includes contact information, a company logo, and links to social media websites.

A screenshot of Netflix organizational schema markup

2. Person Schema Markup

This kind of markup provides basic information about a person. This includes their date of birth, alma mater, partner and job.

A screenshot of Barack Obama schema markup

3. Rating Schema Markup

A rating schema markup shows the total rating a product has achieved, allowing the searcher to evaluate its worth before clicking on the link.

screenshot ps4 review - schema markup

4. Local Business Schema Markup

This schema is specifically used for local companies and provides key information about their opening hours, prices and contact information.

screenshot fleet street clinic - schema markup

5. Breadcrumbs Markup

A breadcrumbs markup tells the searcher the location of a web page within the website. This appears next to the permalink.

screenshot next pyjamas breadcrumbs - schema markup

6. Recipe Schema Markup

A recipe schema markup shows up as a rich snippet in SERPs and provides a picture of the recipe as well as instructions to follow.

screenshot gordon ramsay recipe - schema markup

What Are The Benefits of Schema Markups?

Schema markups are valuable for a whole host of reasons:

  • Schema markups can enhance the appearance of your website in SERPs. This can allow you to include rich snippets, like interactive infographics, maps, ratings and pictures. This becomes more enticing for searchers and will increase the likelihood of them clicking.
  • It can be beneficial for local event promotion, allowing users to discover the location of a venue and the price of tickets.
  • Schema markups can also allow you to provide contact information about the company and display related social media accounts.

What Tools Can Help You Implement Schema Markups for SEO?

Implementing schema markups can be a fairly daunting task. This isn’t to say it won’t be rewarding when you do. Plus, there are some tools on the web that can help you out with this. Some of these tools include:

Other tools include: Google Structured Data Markup Helper, SEOPressor WordPress Plugin, Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator, Schema App’s JSON-LD Generator, Hall Analysis’s JSON-LD Generator, Google’s Structured Data Helper and Data Highlighter, etc.

How Can We Help?

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