Link Equity


What is link equity?

Link equity, also known as "link juice," is a search ranking signal based on the idea that some links pass authority from one page to another.

The linking page's authority, topical relevance and others are some of the factors that determine such authority. Links that pass equity is one of the many ways search engines determine a page's rankings in the SERPs.

What Determines Link Equity?

There are a couple of factors that determine whether a link will pass equity to a website or not. 

Here are a few to look out for:

1. Is The Link No-Follow or Do-Follow?

When it comes to link equity, only do-follow links can pass link juice. No-follow links pass no equity because search crawlers ignore these links.

2. How Relevant Is the Link?

Another factor that determines whether a link will pass authority is its relevance. 

If the page you’re linking to isn’t relevant to your content, Google will know and you won’t get any value from this link. 

Don’t just link to pages for the sake of linking - it can be detrimental in the long run.

3. Is the Page Crawlable?

Another thing to consider is whether the page is crawlable or not. 

Some websites exclude pages from being crawled by Google. Google can also deindex pages for different reasons.

For this reason, it is important to make sure the pages you link to are crawlable if you expect value from these links. 

If you link to a page that is not indexed by Google, it won’t add any value.

4. Does the Website Have Authority?

Google trusts some websites more than others. This is because lots of websites have built up quality information over the years creating undeniable credibility. 

Examples would include big media sites like The New York Times and university sites like the Harvard Health Blog

A link from these websites will pass more value than a link from a website that was launched a month ago. 

5. Where Is the Link Located on a Website?

The position of the link on a web page also determines whether the link will pass value or not. 

For example, a link located in the body text of an article will pass more value than one that is located at the footer of the page. 

This is because writers include quality links in articles when they add additional value to the page. 

Google and other search engines know this, so once the link is established, it passes value and equity to your page.

How Can We Help?

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