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What Is Advertising Research? 

Advertising research is the investigative process of market research to optimise the success of your advertising strategy. 

Often referred to as ads testing, advertising research determines the success of an ad based on consumer behaviour, feedback, and responses. 

Advertising research can be carried out on a campaign by campaign basis or it can be done with consistent research that tracks the performance of an ad campaign over time.

What are the Different Types of Advertising Research?

Pre-Market Advertising Research 

Carried out at an early stage, pre-market advertising research is for determining strategy or to develop specific advertising ideas. 

Pre-market advertising research allows you to predict the effect on purchase intent and launch ad campaigns with confidence, knowing that your ads budget is being spent wisely.

Post Advertising Research / Post Testing 

Taking place after an advertising campaign has run, the research evaluates what the campaign has achieved in terms of increased brand awareness and sales conversions.  

Post advertising research will clearly highlight how your brand is perceived and whether you’re achieving a high enough ROI for your ad campaigns. 

This research usually takes the form of user feedback initiated by a survey, either web-based or in an email. 

Why is Advertising Research Important? 

Advertising research validates your ad strategy or identifies shortcomings by testing ad campaigns with a sample of your target audience. 

Identify which ads are most likely to resonate with your audience and which may negatively impact your efforts. 

Advertising research won’t just optimise your ad strategy but also increase conversions and grow your business. 

When carried out effectively, advertising research should help you: 

  • Understand your target audience
  • Select the best places to advertise
  • Build more effective ads 
  • Make your advertising budget go further
  • Increase sales conversions and build your business

How do you Carry Out Advertising Research? 

There are a couple of different methods for performing advertising research:

1. In-house research 

In-house advertising research involves asking consumers to complete web surveys, answer questions after purchase or confirming how they located the product or service. 

Screenshot of how did you find out about our business in-house advertising research

2. Third-party research

Third-party advertising research means working with a specialist research firm or ads testing software to ensure that all data is unbiased and independent. 

They may show ads to individuals and ask questions to determine the impact of the ad or track what users look up online following exposure to the ad. 

How to Leverage the Results of Your Advertising Research 

Valuable insights from your advertising research should be used to:

  • Improve your ad campaigns
  • Select more successful advertising channels 
  • Create marketing messages that are relevant to your target consumers

Successful advertising research can also show you where and how your advertising budget is best spent to ensure a solid return on your investment. 

How Can We Help? 

Want some help when it comes to adjusting your ads strategy? Give us a call and we can set up a meeting with a member of our team who can assist with your advertising research. 
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