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January 12, 2023
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Protect yourself, your employees, and your business from cyber-threats, without compromising ease of use. LastPass is a password manager that provides solutions for individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes. LastPass Business empowers employees to generate, secure, and share credentials seamlessly, while providing valuable insight and control to Admins and ensuring protection through LastPass’ zero-knowledge security infrastructure. Gain additional access and authentication features, such as single sign-on for simplified access to up to three cloud applications and multi-factor authentication (MFA) that secures the LastPass vault and single sign-on applications.

Pricing Plans

<h4>LastPass Teams</h4>

<h5>$4 / user  / month</h5>

<ul><li>Recommended for teams of 50 or less</li><li>A vault for every user</li><li>Shared folders</li><li>Standard security policies</li><li>Basic reporting</li><li>Zero- knowledge security model</li></ul>

<h4>LastPass Business</h4>

<h5>$6 / user  / month</h5>

<ul><li>Captures, stores, fills, and generates passwords with a vault for every user. </li><li>100+ customizable policies. </li><li>Advanced reporting, including user activity and security reports.</li><li>Secure credential sharing.</li><li>Groups to organize users and shared folders. </li><li>Provisioning integrations with Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin</li><li>Federated Login with Microsoft ADFS, Microsoft Azure AD, and Okta </li><li>Custom admin roles</li><li>Ability to add up to 3 single sign-on (SSO) application</li><li>MFA protection on password vault and single sign-on applications. </li><li>Built-on zero-knowledge security model. </li></ul>

<h4>Advanced MFA Add-On</h4>

<h5>$3 /user / month</h5>

<ul><li>Adaptive authentication</li><li>Face, fingerprint and voice biometrics </li><li>Contextual authentication policies</li><li>Centralized, granular control</li><li>Flexible integrations</li><li>In-depth reporting</li><li>Secures all endpoints, including Workstations, VPNs, Cloud & Legacy Apps, and Identity Providers</li></ul>

<h4>Advanced SSO Add-On</h4>

<h5>$2 user/ month</h5>

<ul><li>Integrated SSO and password manager</li><li>1,200+ pre-integrated SSO apps</li><li>Unlimited number of SSO apps</li><li>Ability to add authentication on login</li><li>Automated, detailed reporting including App reports, Notification reports, and SAML event reports.</li><li>User-friendly way for employees to access all their applications within the LastPass vault.</li></ul>

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