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January 7, 2023
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About Gainsight®: Gainsight’s innovative customer-centric technology is driving the future of growth. With Gainsight, it’s never been easier for customer success, product, and community engagement teams to scale efficiently, create alignment, and have a holistic view of their customers—all of which help increase product adoption, prevent churn, and grow customer communities. Gainsight’s product portfolio is used by hundreds of companies, including nearly 200 publicly traded organizations. Learn how leading companies such as GE Digital, SAP Concur, Box, and many others use Gainsight at www.gainsight.com

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<h5>Free Try ClickUp free forever</h5>

<ul><li>100mb storage</li><li>Unlimited Tasks</li><li>Unlimited Users</li><li>Two-Factor Authentication</li><li>Collaborative Docs</li><li>Real-Time Chat</li><li>Email in ClickUp</li><li>Kanban Boards</li><li>Sprint Management</li><li>Native Time Tracking</li><li>In-App Video Recording</li><li>24/7 Support</li></ul>



<ul><li>Unlimited Storage</li><li>Unlimited Integrations</li><li>Unlimited Dashboards</li><li>Guests with Permissions</li><li>Unlimited Gantt Charts</li><li>Unlimited Custom Fields</li><li>Teams (User Groups)</li><li>Goals & Portfolios</li><li>Resource Management</li><li>Agile Reporting</li></ul>



<ul><li>Google SSO</li><li>Unlimited Teams</li><li>Custom Exporting</li><li>Advanced Public Sharing</li><li>Advanced Automations</li><li>Advanced Dashboard Features</li><li>Advanced Time Tracking</li><li>Granular Time Estimates</li><li>Workload Management</li><li>Timelines & Mind Maps</li><li>Goal Folders</li></ul>

<h4>Business Plus</h4>


<ul><li>Team Sharing</li><li>Subtasks in Multiple Lists</li><li>Custom Role Creation</li><li>Custom Permissions</li><li>Custom Capacity in Workload</li><li>Increased Automations & API</li><li>Personalized Admin Training</li><li>Priority Support</li></ul>

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