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January 7, 2023
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Formerly known as GoSpotCheck, FORM MarketX unleashes the power of field teams to drive market execution with the only mobile solution that combines dynamic task management, industry-leading image recognition, photo reporting, field team communications, and advanced reporting – all within one easy-to-use platform. Guide teams, improve execution and drive sales while creating a shared view of the field that helps leaders make better decisions, faster. Sell more with FORM MarketX, the field execution app that guides, tracks, and improves performance in real-time.

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<h5>$8,400/year   20 licenses</h5>

<ul><li>Unlimited Missions/Surveys/Audits</li><li>Unlimited Locations</li><li>Web Dashboard</li><li>Mobile App</li><li>Essentials Reporting</li><li>Photo Galleries & .ZIP Reports</li></ul>


<h5>Contact Us   </h5>

<ul><li>Insights Advanced Reporting</li><li>Upgraded Explore License</li><li>Role-Based Access</li><li>Dynamic Searchable Lists</li><li>Dedicated Customer Success Manager</li></ul>


<h4>Contact Us For Teams of 150+</h4>

<ul><li>Advanced Configuration</li><li>Custom Terms + Conditions</li></ul>

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