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January 7, 2023
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Feedly is a content aggregator and RSS reader for busy professionals and curious minds. It includes Leo, an AI research assistant that can help you track topics you care about across the web, including news sites, blogs, Twitter, Reddit, and newsletters. Leo can find, prioritize, and summarize articles for you, so you can spend more time learning and less time searching.

Pricing Plans


<h5>$8.25 per month</h5>

<ul><li>Up to 2,500 sources</li><li>AI research assistant (Leo)</li><li>Google News feeds</li><li>Twitter feeds</li><li>Follow newsletters</li><li>Leo's core AI skills, including Topics, Like Boards, business events, deduplication, mute filters, summarization, and more</li></ul>


<h5>$$$ Annual contract</h5>

<ul><li>Up to 7,500 sources</li><li>Team feeds and boards</li><li>Create and send newsletters</li><li>Slack & Microsoft Teams integrations</li><li>API access</li><li>SSO/SAML</li><li>Onboarding & training</li><li>Leo's Advanced AI Skills, including: industry intelligence, cybersecurity threat intelligence, biopharma research, and competitive intelligence</li></ul>


<h5>$6 per month</h5>

<ul><li>1,000 sources</li><li>Notes and highlights</li><li>Power Search</li><li>Save to Evernote, Pocket, and OneNote</li><li>Share to Linkedin, Buffer, IFTTT, Zapier and Hootsuite</li><li>Get new articles up to 10x faster</li><li>Hide sponsored ads</li><li>Premium fonts</li><li>Premium support</li></ul>

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