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January 7, 2023
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Checkmk is a comprehensive IT monitoring system that enables system administrators, IT managers, and DevOps teams to identify issues across their entire IT infrastructure (servers, applications, networks, storage, databases) and act quickly to resolve them. More than 2,000 commercial customers and many more open source users worldwide use Checkmk daily to ensure high availability and performance. Key product features: • Service state monitoring with 2,000+ checks 'out of the box' • Log and event-based monitoring • Metrics, dynamic graphing, and long-term storage • Comprehensive reporting incl. availability and SLAs • Flexible notifications and automated alert handling • Monitoring of business processes and complex systems • Hardware and software inventory • Graphical, rule-based configuration, and automated service discovery A broad set of unique benefits: Ultra-scalable • Distributed set-ups of several hundred sites or several thousand retail stores • Millions of services in one monitoring • Very low use of CPU resources • Superior memory performance for live data due to RAM storage • Highly optimized I/O performance, • Very short measurement intervals of up to 1s One of the shortest set-up times and lowest operations efforts in the industry • One integrated system, fully packaged, and ready in a few minutes • High degree of automation enables a very broad monitoring scope • Automation of agent threshold configuration, installation, and updating • Automatic creation of configuration files • Unique rule-based configuration to drastically reduce manual configuration Very low Total Cost of Ownership • Low consulting and operations cost due to fast installation and automation • Low monitoring hardware needs due to low CPU usage Various other benefits exist, e.g. • Support for 5+ Server operating systems • Many options to realize ‘High Availability’, including own appliance • Future proof incl. monitoring of Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure Customers include: Airbus, Bosch, Continental, Zalando, Swisscom, Deutsche Telekom, DB Schenker, The Linde Group, BT Group, Marketo, Groupon, and Hortonworks.

Pricing Plans

<h4>Raw Edition (Open-Source)</h4>


<ul><li>Nagios core</li><li>Server monitoring</li><li>SNMP monitoring</li><li>Container & cloud monitoring</li><li>2,000+ officially supported plug-ins</li><li>Log management</li><li>Aggregate service health monitoring</li><li>Automatic service discovery</li><li>Real-time dashboards & graphs</li><li>Alerting</li><li>Hardware / software inventory</li><li>Multi-lingual user interface</li><li>Enterprise auth</li><li>Unlimited user accounts</li><li>Distributed monitoring</li></ul>

<h4>Enterprise - Free Edition</h4>


<ul><li>Everything included in Checkmk Raw Edition, plus:</li><li>Upgraded monitoring core (Checkmk Microcore)</li><li>Unlimited for 30 days, then monitor a maximum of 1 site / 25 hosts </li><li>Advanced graphing</li><li>Automatic, dynamic host management</li><li>Agent management</li><li>Action handler</li><li>Recurring maintenance downtimes</li><li>Reporting</li><li>SLA reporting</li><li>Extension packages management</li></ul>

<h4>Enterprise - Standard Edition</h4>

<h5>Starting at €65.00 Per Month</h5>

<ul><li>All functionality available in the Checkmk Enterprise - Free Edition, plus:</li><li>Monitor an unlimited number of hosts & services</li><li>Distributed monitoring</li><li>High performance distributed monitoring</li><li>Vendor Support</li></ul>

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