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January 7, 2023
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ActivTrak helps companies unlock productivity potential. Our award-winning workforce analytics and productivity management software provides expert insights that empower people, optimize processes, and maximize technology. Additionally, with data sourced from more than 9,000 customers and over 450,000 users, ActivTrak’s Workforce Productivity Lab is a global center for ground-breaking research and expertise that helps companies embrace and embody the future of work.

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<ul><li>Activity Dashboard</li><li>Top Applications Report</li><li>Top Websites Report</li><li>Top Users Report</li><li>Top Categories Report</li><li>Productivity Report</li><li>Automated Classification of Websites & Apps Activity</li><li>Activity Alarms</li><li>Email Notification</li></ul>


<h5>$10.00 1 User Per Month Try It Free!</h5>

<ul><li>All Features Included in Freemium Plus: </li><li>Team Productivity Pulse</li><li>Working Hours Report</li><li>Notifications via Slack or MS Teams</li><li>USB Device & File Transfer Detection</li><li>Alarm-triggered screenshots</li><li>Remote Install</li><li>12×5 chat, phone, email support</li><li>Diagnostics / Health Check</li><li>Add-on: ActivConnect</li></ul>


<h4>$17.00 1 User Per Month Try It Free!</h4>

<ul><li>Everything in Advanced plus:</li><li>Team productivity goal setting & tracking</li><li>Team productivity benchmarks</li><li>Organization health dashboard</li><li>Work efficiency & focus</li><li>Inefficiency and distractions analysis</li><li>Workload balance</li><li>Technology usage and adoption</li><li>Personal insights dashboard</li><li>24×5 chat, phone, email support</li><li>Diagnostics / Health Check</li><li>Comprehensive Productivity Lab recommendations</li><li>Add-on: ActivConnect</li></ul>

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