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January 7, 2023
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Motivosity is the company with the intent to make people happier at work. We are changing the game of employee engagement! As us about our new ThanksMatters Card. With that, we are a modern employee engagement software with the mission to make people happier at work. Our platform focuses on three of the top drivers of employee satisfaction: feeling appreciated for your work, being part of a community, and having a meaningful relationship with your manager. Let us help you connect, recognize and listen to your employees. #thanksmatters

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<ul><li>Personality Profiles</li><li>Interest Groups</li><li>Visual Org Chart</li><li>Public Peer-to-Peer Appreciations</li><li>Highlights and Announcements</li><li>Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and any HRIS</li></ul>



<ul><li>Influence Currency</li><li>Public social feed of recognitions, highlights, announcements, etc</li><li>Spot Bonus Program</li><li>Service Awards and Birthdays</li><li>Awards and Badges</li><li>Customizable Rewards Store</li><li>Integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and any HRIS</li><li>Connect included</li><li>BRAND NEW thanksmatters card for employees to spend their rewards</li></ul>



<ul><li>1 on 1 scheduler and collaborative agenda</li><li>Sharable Notes</li><li>Continuous feedback and customizable coaching</li><li>Set priorities for each team member</li><li>Manager and Employee Appreciations</li><li>Succession Planning </li><li>Manager and team overview </li><li>Manager Accountability Tracking</li><li>Integrates with Google Calendar</li><li>Integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams and any HRIS</li><li>Includes Connect</li></ul>



<ul><li>Employee satisfaction surveys</li><li>eNPS tracking</li><li>Pulse surveys</li><li>Turnover tracking and Analysis</li><li>Scheduled Insight Delivery</li><li>Attach dollars to encourage survey completion</li><li>Includes Connect</li><li>Integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams and any HRIS</li></ul>

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