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January 7, 2023
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LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, powering sustainable growth for ecommerce businesses around the world. Ecommerce stores use LoyaltyLion to create a loyalty program that goes beyond points and rewards, driving greater customer lifetime value and more cost-effective acquisition through better customer relationships. LoyaltyLion helps you to drive more revenue from your existing customers by incentivizing them to opt into an active relationship with your brand. Driving more engagement in between purchases and greater advocacy, your loyalty program can help you protect your profit margins from excessive discounting and increasing acquisition costs. By integrating LoyaltyLion’s data and insights into your wider marketing tools and tactics, you can add more power to your existing tech stack. From emails and SMS to your helpdesk or subscription provider, integrating your loyalty program at every stage of your customer journey helps you create personalized brand interactions that customers will want to return and relive, while increasing the ROI of your existing marketing activity.

Pricing Plans


<h5>$399.00 2000 monthly orders Per Month Request Demo</h5>

<ul><li>Custom points and rewards</li><li>Referrals </li><li>Integrations with ESPs, SMS, reviews, subscriptions and helpdesks</li><li>Loyalty emails and notifications</li><li>In-built analytics dashboard and retention analytics</li><li>On-site and email support with loyalty health alerts</li><li>Connect with Shopify POS</li></ul>


<h5>$729.00 4000 Monthly orders Per Month Request Demo</h5>

<ul><li>Integrated loyalty program page</li><li>Loyalty tiers</li><li>Standalone referral widget</li><li>Connect multiple POS locations</li><li>Embed loyalty components on site pages</li><li>Onboarding manager and priority email support</li></ul>


<h5>Starting at $1,650.00 10000 Monthly orders Per Month Request Demo</h5>

<ul><li>In-Cart Rewards and Instant Points</li><li>A/B test loyalty campaigns</li><li>Advanced ESP triggers </li><li>Repeat purchase/drop-off rate reporting</li><li>Quarterly advice calls</li><li>Senior onboarding manager</li><li>Account management</li><li>Dedicated Slack channel</li></ul>

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