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January 7, 2023
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More than just a white-label exchange, HollaEx® is the go-to blockchain tool kit, allowing you to connect to the crypto world and opening new avenues for online business. Start digital markets with coins and tokens all on your own website! Check out a live example of HollaEx in action at https://pro.hollaex.com/trade/xht-usdt HollaEx is a unique white-label solution as it has a freeware open-source version called DIY. DIY crypto exchange operators are given the power of crypto directly into their hands and empowers builders👷 to take it in the direction they want. All HollaEx users can enjoy a fast and easy setup regardless of if they use DIY or Cloud hosting. All HollaEx-powered platforms can be very easily rebranded and customized for their crypto business. Cloud exchange users are given a rapid launching system and will have their exchange securely hosted and managed automatically within hours. Cloud plans follow a pay-as-you-go model and new users will have the chance to save over 50% when paying for yearly plans with XHT (HollaEx Token). Other payment options are available also, including bank wire transfers. HollaEx Cloud is the perfect ☁️cloud business solution for startups and existing businesses that want to upgrade to Web3. HollaEx includes an automatic coin deposit system and comes with liquidity for larger marketplaces like BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and others. This means real-time price charts, full orderbooks, and trading functionality. HollaEx is extremely easy to start with when using the exchange creation dashboard at 👉dash.hollaex.com What are you waiting for? build your tokenomics system for your community and business today with HollaEx!

Pricing Plans

<h4>Cloud - Basic</h4>

<h5>$700.00 Per Month</h5>

<ul><li>Hosted on Holla cloud</li><li>Includes logs and system backup</li><li>Free inbuilt HollaEx domain</li><li>Connect your own custom domain</li><li>Add HollaEx plugins</li><li>Content management</li><li>Inbuilt customization tools</li><li>0.3% maker & taker minimum fee</li><li>50% revenue sharing</li><li>For more details visit <https://www.hollaex.com/pricing></li></ul>

<h4>Cloud - Crypto Pro</h4>

<h5>$1,850.00 Per Month</h5>

<ul><li>Includes all of Cloud Basic plan features</li><li>One free custom asset & market</li><li>Modify HollaEx referral badge</li><li>Unlock all advance features</li><li>Customizable landing home page</li><li>User communication chat system</li><li>Referral affiliate link for users</li><li>0.1% maker & taker minimum fee</li><li>25% revenue sharing</li></ul>

<h4>Cloud - Fiat Ramp</h4>

<h5>Contact Us Per Year</h5>

<ul><li>Includes all of Cloud Basic & Cloud Pro features</li><li>Add a fiat asset & market</li><li>Connect a fiat or payment on-ramp system</li><li>Integration for one on-ramp system</li><li>Compatible with a range of fiat</li><li>Anti-money laundering (AML) system</li><li>Know-your-customer (KYC) system</li><li>0% maker & 0.05% taker minimum fee</li><li>15% revenue sharing</li><li>For more details visit <https://www.hollaex.com/pricing></li></ul>

<h4>DIY - Boost</h4>

<h5>$10,000.00 Per Year</h5>

<ul><li>Includes all of DIY Basic plan features</li><li>One free custom asset & market</li><li>Manual mint & burn fiat system</li><li>Unlock all advance features</li><li>Remove HollaEx referral badge</li><li>User communication chat system</li><li>Customizable landing home page</li><li>Referral affiliate link for users</li><li>0% maker and 0.05% taker minimum trading fee setting</li><li>15% revenue sharing</li><li>For more details visit <https://www.hollaex.com/pricing?type=diy></li></ul>

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