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January 7, 2023
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Provide remote IT support, automate your IT management, network and system admin tasks with the industry's most secure on-premises remote access software EV Reach enables you to seamlessly support all your users and their machines, no matter where, and without the need for a VPN. With EV Reach you have: . Secure access to your users machines no matter where they are . Enterprise-class Remote Control . Active Directory administration and Password management . Behind-the-scenes systems reporting and management . Software and patch distribution . IT workflow automation . Compliance and security management

Pricing Plans

<h4>Standard Edition - Per Concurrent Tech</h4>

<h5>$40.00 Per Month</h5>

<ul><li>Advanced Remote Control</li><li>RDS Shadowing (Citrix / TS)</li><li>Remote Task Manager</li><li>Remote File Transfer</li><li>Power Mgmt.</li><li>Process & Startup Mgmt.</li><li>Lock, Logout Users</li><li>Shutdown, Restart, WOL</li><li>Screen & Performance Monitor</li><li>Audio & Text Chat</li><li>Video Capture</li><li>Multiple-Monitor Support</li><li>PKI SmartCard Support</li></ul>

<h4>Professional Edition - Per Concurrent Tech</h4>

<h5>$90.00 Per Month</h5>

<ul><li>AD Integration & Acct. Mgmt.</li><li>Behind-the-scenes Systems Mgmt.</li><li>Software & Patch Deployment</li><li>Drive mappings & Printer Mgmt.</li><li>System Services & Driver Mgmt.</li><li>PowerShell & WMI Integration</li><li>Script Execution Deployment</li><li>Customizable Mgmt. Automation</li></ul>

<h4>Enterprise Edition - Per Concurrent Tech</h4>

<h4>$170.00 Per Month</h4>

<ul><li>Global Systems Mgmt. via Automation</li><li>Asset Mgmt. and Inventory</li><li>User & System On-Boarding</li><li>Compliance Assessment & Remediation</li><li>System Scanning & Remediation</li></ul>

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