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December 30, 2022
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ActiveBatch is an extensible, highly reliable workload automation tool from Redwood Software. ActiveBatch provides a central IT automation hub for assembling and monitoring end-to-end workflows in data warehouses and across the enterprise. ActiveBatch includes hundreds of direct integrations with major IT and business platforms and a Super REST API Adapter so you can connect to any server, any application or any service. Orchestrate your entire tech stack so that business-critical systems such as data warehousing, CRM, ERP, supply chain management, work order management, project management and consulting systems work together seamlessly with minimal human intervention. The job scheduler is the brain of workload automation architecture, allowing you to build and orchestrate cross-functional workflows. It handles load balancing, scheduling, dependency checking, SLA monitoring, reporting and notifications. Eliminate manual workflows with ActiveBatch automated tasks and accelerate development of high-value services that drive your company forward. ActiveBatch includes a low-code drag-and-drop GUI with dozens of DevOps features to easily build end-to-end business processes in half the time without the need for custom scripting. Users can securely access ActiveBatch from any device with flexible interfaces such as a self-service portal for business and help desk users. ActiveBatch’s proactive support model includes 24/7 global support and predictive diagnostics using AI to keep your environment optimized for reliability and productivity.

Pricing Plans

<h4>Single Hosting</h4>


<ul><li>1 Website</li><li>50 GB SSD Storage</li><li>~10 000 Visits Monthly</li><li>1 Email Account</li><li>100 GB Bandwidth</li><li>2 Databases</li></ul>

<h4>Business Hosting</h4>


<ul><li>100 Websites</li><li>200 GB SSD Storage</li><li>~100 000 Visits Monthly</li><li>Free Email</li><li>Unlimited Bandwidth</li><li>Unlimited Databases</li></ul>

<h4>Premium Hosting</h4>


<ul><li>100 Websites</li><li>100 GB SSD Storage</li><li>~25 000 Visits Monthly</li><li>Free Email</li><li>Unlimited Bandwidth</li><li>Unlimited Databases</li></ul>

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