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5 Link Building Strategies for Busy Marketers

Increase organic traffic to your website using these awesome link building strategies
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Link Building Strategies to Scale Organic Traffic

Link building strategies are a nightmare for most marketers. Why?

They take time, patience, and only a handful of people can dedicate themselves to this domain of SEO.

However, link building can be fun, and you can do it one step at a time. So, here’s my list of link building

What Is a Link Building Strategy?

A link building strategy is a plan for acquiring hyperlinks from different websites to your own. 

Links are initially made as a means to direct a reader to other pages that might be of interest to them.

Today, you can use backlinks to drive organic traffic to your site from other sites, for free.

I compiled a few link building strategies you can use to boost your traffic.

First, you’ll have to start with your keyword research.

See which topics are hot in your niche to lay the foundations for your strategy.

5 Link Building Strategies for Your Business

1. Outreach Strategy

The first on my list is the most common one. Outreach means you’ll go to the reputable sites in your niche and present them your business and your content.

In other words, you’ll have to make a list of sites and reach out to every single one via email.

The following are a couple of ideas you can propose to them.

  • Introduce a tool/a product/a service to them and ask if they’re interested in mentioning it on their site.
  • Show them your infographic to post it further if they find it useful.
  • Ask them if they would be interested in collaboration on social media (competitions.)
  • Ask them if you can make a podcast or an interview with them. Once it’s finished, both of you will promote it on your channels.
  • Offer a free blog post.

The last one deserves its own heading because it seems everyone is doing it, so let’s see how to do it correctly.

2. Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging is a process of writing and pitching your article to be published on other sites.

The link to your site should be either in the author’s bio or in the body of the article.

I wouldn't recommend the latter (and most sites don’t allow it since it mostly looks like a blatant promotion.) 

So, make sure to write a short bio with relevant information and a link to your site.

As I mentioned in the Google Search Operator article, you can find specific keywords that will help you with the search.

For instance, you can use these: 

  • topic + intitle:”write for us”
  • topic + intitle:”guest contribution”
  • topic + intitle:”become a contributor”
  • topic + intitle:”guest post guidelines”

Say if my niche is natural cosmetics.

I’ll type in the following: natural cosmetics intitle:”write for us.”

Link Building Strategies

It shows about 533 results, but all of those are relevant to me, and I can reach out with my pitch or piece (depending on the guidelines) to them.

Don’t get your hopes up right away. Websites that announce that they need articles get a ton of emails daily. 

Pro tip: Since most marketers already do that, try pitching to sites that you find relevant, and not to the ones that are specifically looking for an article.

Take it slowly and write two emails per week. One in fifteen pitches will turn out to be successful.

3. Linkable Asset Strategy

A linkable asset is a piece of content worth linking.

For example, you can create and add to your site a few helpful resources for your readers and other businesses:

  • Tools
  • Calculators
  • Infographics
  • Long-form, informative blog posts
  • Tutorials

For example, the Technical SEO Website Audit article is one of those informative posts that can get you backlinks.

Link Building Strategies for Every Entrepreneur

Make it as informative and as helpful as possible. And remember, write for people, not for robots.

Now, you have your article, tutorial, or your infographic up and running. Instead of reaching out and pitching the content to other sites, you can use paid promotion of the content, such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

4. Repurposed Content Strategy

Imagine you made a few pieces of content, but that every piece is an infographic. 

You can repurpose the same content and make it into a video, for instance.

If you made an in-depth infographic titled “Best Link Building Strategies to Date,” you can film a video where you:

  • discuss the process of creating an infographic
  • explain the psychology behind infographics and their success 
  • take the same content and turn the information from the infographic into a video.

An interactive infographic from NeoMam studios became a video called “13 reasons why your brain craves infographics.”

Link Building Strategies for all

Here’s the outcome. 

5. Link Building on Community Sites 

I said in the beginning that it’s great to focus on building high-quality backlinks.

Nonetheless, not every backlink has to be a do-follow link from reputable sites. 

That’s where community sites come into play.

Community sites, such as various forums or message boards, even discussion websites like Quora and Reddit, can be your first choice to generate backlinks.

Here’s an example from Quora.

Strategies for link building

13.5k views aren’t such a small number, given that I only wrote a few paragraphs of text. 

However, that text was helpful to the readers, so it got upvotes and views.

Moreover, they asked me to answer to ten more questions after this one. 

You can easily earn backlinks and incorporate Quora answers to your link building strategies list.

It takes ten minutes of your time to write two answers to the questions within your niche.
So, get to work and dedicate a little time to earn backlinks.

What’s Your Favourite Link Building Strategy?

As said in the intro, when they hear the words “link building,” most marketers will either hire someone to do the job for them or give up on the thought of acquiring links.

However, a little time and effort will get you backlinks and new audience through organic traffic.

Let the backlink games begin!