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Marketing recruitment is broken

The way we hire marketing talent is ineffective.

Write up a job rec for leadership approval. Post a job description on our careers page. Then copypasta that same job desc to multiple job boards. Maybe ask a few people for recommendations.

This is.... fine. 🤷🏾

But when was the last time you spoke to your recruiters, talent managers and department heads?

Are they happy...

  • Sifting through hundreds (or 1000s) of unqualified candidates applying for your marketing positions?
  • Discovering incompatible expectations (think culture and job responsibilities) 90+ days after a new hire has joined?
  • Spending 3+ months to fill a $80k individual contributor role, only to lose them at the last hurdle because it's been 3 weeks since they've heard from you.
  • Losing best-fit candidates to your competitors?

How much are these problems worth to you?

We enable leadership and talent teams to find, hire and retain best-fit marketing talent for their company.


By asking you intimate questions about your company that marketers worldwide are dying to know before applying.

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How do we find you the best marketing talent?

Closed Network
Personal Introductions
Manual Screening
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1. Closed-network, no job board

We match marketing talent to positions through a closed network. There is no front-end job board, so only best-fit marketers will see your job posting.

2. Personal invitations

Our marketers receive invitations to apply for positions they're a best fit for. Employers are notified once a suitable candidate expresses interest.

3. Manual Screening

Marketers and companies are screened and vetted to ensure information provided is accurate. The best relationships are built on trust after all.

Why work with us?

We're a brazen bunch of marketing folk dedicated to connecting businesses with best-fit marketing talent who want to work with each other.

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David Oragui

Founder of Grow Hack Scale; a growth enablement platform that empowers revenue teams with technology, processes and frameworks needed to deliver real-world business results.


Do you charge marketers to join the talent pool?

No. Entry into our talent pool is 100% free for candidates. Only employers hiring marketing talent incur a fee.

How much does it cost to recruit a marketer on your platform?

It costs $499 to submit a 'statement of intent' to our network. Note, employers only pay when there is at least 1 match with a great-fit marketer. If you get no matches, you don't pay.

What's your process for matching marketing talent with job posts?

We ask employers and candidates a range of questions (culture, salary, growth strategy, funding status etc) to help them connect with the talent and jobs which best-match what they're looking for.

When there is a match, we notify the candidate of a role which strongly matches their criteria. Simultaneously, we notify the employer when there is a candidate who's a great fit for their position.

If the candidate is happy, they're invited to apply through the employer's ATS.

What's the job fill rate of positions posted in your network

Early data suggested that 85% of marketing jobs get filled, when posted exclusively on our platform.

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