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Video for Sales: 3 Ways Sales Teams Can Use Video to Better Qualify Leads

Here's how to use sales videos to drive more qualified leads in three easy ways
David Oragui
Chief Growth Officer | Founder & CEO at Grow Hack Scale
Video for Sales: 3 Ways Sales Teams Can Use Video to Better Qualify Leads
May 14, 2021

Does your organization currently use video for sales?

  • To qualify leads?
  • Book new meetings?
  • Send follow-up sales cadences?

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for new channels, mediums and tools; ultimately helping your sales team to automate repetitive activities, so they can focus on what they do best.


And using video for these purposes is no different.

Despite report, after report showing the growth and impact video can have on bottom-line revenue, many modern sales teams have yet to incorporate video into their outbound efforts.


  • “Because it’s scary!”
  • “Video is expensive”
  • “We don’t know what type of video content to create”

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

In this article, we dispel common myths preventing sales teams from embracing video whilst teaching you:

  • Three ways you can use video for lead qualification
  • The impact video has made for other sales organisations just like yours
  • Why Soapbox is the best video recorder for growing sales teams

3 Ways To Use Sales Videos To Qualify Leads

1. Use Video Engagement Data To Identify High Buyer-Intent Leads

Marketing and sales teams have become more data-driven than ever.

As revenue-attribution software evolved to track email, landing pages, social media, CPC and even direct mail campaigns; video has been left behind.

Until now.

By utilising video engagement data (watch time %), you can identify, qualify and connect with your hottest leads faster than ever before.

Imagine the following scenario:

Someone visits your website, watches 75% of your homepage explainer video, then proceeds to watch your weekly, product-showcase webinar. Pauses halfway through, signs up to your product and goes through your usual 14-day onboarding program.

They only visited two pages, but spent more than 30 minutes on your website.

❌ Without this data, sales can’t engage, as your lead scoring model brands this lead as ‘low quality’ to your business.

✅ But armed with this data, sales could reach out offering to provide a personalized demo covering the aspects of your product a lead hasn’t yet seen.

⚡ Or better yet, reaching out with insights into lead behaviour. Enabling you to send information about specific features they’re interested in, now,  rather than on day 5 of the onboarding program.

With a tool like Soapbox by Wistia, you can track video engagement, conversions and even book meetings directly within your videos.

I've been using Wistia for years now and I love the new integrations they have included; like channels, analytics and annotations. We have Soapbox integrated with our other tools and it serves us well when we want to see how engaged our leads are in viewing our outbound sales videos.

2. Gated Video Content for Interested Buyers

Gated content is a common initiative used by many to generate leads. Some even report conversions as high as 60% from first-time visit-to-signup.

But here’s the problem.

When someone downloads an e-book, checklist or whitepaper, you don’t know how much of that document was consumed. Much less whether they acted on the content itself.

But video doesn’t have these drawbacks.

By setting up gated video content (asking for a name and email address to watch a video), you’re able to generate and auto-qualify new leads.

Working in this way allows SDRs to prioritise follow-up and outreach with those who express the most interest in your product.

Here’s how it works in practice:

  • Imagine Dave Gerhardt of is looking for HR software for his remote employees
  • He stumbles upon your website and watches your “Employee Onboarding” video series
  • A video titled “Onboarding for Remote Enterprise Orgs” is gated, so he enters his name & email address to access it and watches it entirely
  • He doesn’t sign up - but is instead greeted with personalized sales outreach on Linkedin and email, resulting in a meeting

❌ Without these insights, sales can’t accurately gauge his interest in enterprise solutions for his remote organisation. Resulting in a missed opportunity due to misaligned messaging.

✅ Using video for sales in this way enables sales and business development representatives to send the right message, to the right person at the right time.

⚡ Taking this further, you can use gated content to qualify leads by asking additional, relevant questions such as “how many employees are in your organisation”?

This enables sales to personalize product demos by using an enterprise account of the same size to show off the product.

Soapbox by Wistia, arms you with the tools to deliver gated video content with ease no matter how large your sales org gets.

“Can just click a few buttons, record, edit, and send off. We use it mainly to form intimate connections with leads which is much easier to do with video rather than a long email.”

3. Qualify Leads with Video CTAs

CTAs are widely considered the driving force behind every customer transaction.

Newspapers, blog posts, text ads, billboards, e-books, webinars etc. They all have CTAs helping to move prospects further down the buyer’s journey.

And using sales videos should be no different.

In fact it should be a better, more seamless user experience than all the other mediums combined.

If you do it right.

It’s no good just telling people to “book a meeting” with you in your sales videos.

You have to present them the option to do so.

In other words, place clickable CTAs within the video, so the ball is in the prospect’s court to make a decision or a micro-commitment.

Using sales videos in this way, enables you as a salesperson to control the narrative (by giving one or two clickable next-step actions) whilst giving the prospect choice.

Here’s some use cases SDRs would love:

  • Use CTAs to direct leads to related case studies or testimonials after watching your video
  • Drive prospects to persona-specific product-tours after watching your middle-of-funnel content
  • Collect lead details and send automated nurture emails specific to their industry

❌ Letting your sales videos fade-to-black, with no clear, actionable CTA, is a surefire way to file a bunch of qualified prospects into closed/lost.

✅ With clearly defined CTAs in your sales videos, you can better attribute your outreach to bottom-of-funnel revenue - especially if video is added to your lead scoring model.  

⚡ Applying CTAs to your videos also makes them interactive, which increases watch-time resulting in leads completing the key actions you need to qualify them.

For example, you can use CTAs in your videos to quiz prospects on the biggest challenges in their business. Ensure your SDRs only spend time engaging with the leads you’re best able to help.

With Soapbox, you can easily qualify leads by adding CTAs into your videos further helping to move prospects down the funnel.

“Since adding CTAs to our videos using Soapbox - we’ve cut our sales cycle in half and increased qualified leads by 45% in 30 days. Since using Soapbox, we’ve generated $500k in new pipeline this quarter.”
Video for Sales: Customized video thumbnails - CTAs

Enter Soapbox: The Ultimate Video Companion for Sales Teams

As we’ve proven, with video you’re able to better qualify prospects long before you schedule a meeting.

Working in this way ensures you only spend time closing the leads with the budget, interest and means to do business with you.

Whilst other tools offer easy screen and webcam recording functionality, they often lack the necessary features that make video a worthwhile investment for growing sales teams:

  • Video Engagement Tracking
  • Book Meetings Directly from Videos
  • View Activity and Alert Notifications
  • Screencasting, Transitions, Editing
  • Export and Download

If qualifying leads is important to your business, then you’ll love Soapbox - a free webcam and screen recorder for growing sales teams.

Wrapping Up Video Sales

If you're not using videos as part of your sales process, you're leaving money on the table. Using the strategies in this guide will not only make the sales process easier for your sales development representatives, it'll also make the buying process easier for your customers as well.

How will you introduce video as part of your sales process? Let us know.

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